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Old 03-04-2011, 10:02 AM   #1 
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Unhappy Worried about Iggy :(

My little iggy is seeming to be quite stressed :( Not seen him act like this before:

Happy iggy:

Sad iggy?:

Scared Iggy?:

Scared Daddy!?!:

Daddy still scared:

Iggy's tank is at 78 degrees, pretty steady, with the heater in there. I do have some videos of him acting this way too, just waiting on them to upload to my dropbox, and i'll convert them to flash for quick view. But, what worries me, is he's spending quite a bit of time at the bottom curled around plants, or up at the top in the corner curled up.

Water seems fine. New tank. Happy iggy is in a 1.875 gallon tank from Aqueon, but new sad iggy is in a 5 gallon tank. We kept the original plants, gravel (to help culture the new gravel), and water, to help bolster the new tank. We switched from the silent flow filter, to the box filter that came w/ this new tank, and I have the water level right up on top of the output of the new filter, to make the water agitation mostly occur at the top of the water. Heater is in place . Water isn't cloudy. And we have an air stone in the filter (to promote bacterial growth, which it does quite nicely tyvm lol).

So, i'm not quite sure what's going on here. Why is my Iggy acting like this :(

Iggy being slightly more active than the pictures:
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Old 03-04-2011, 10:08 AM   #2 
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Have a few questions...

This is a 5gal filter/heated tank...correct....

How much and how often are the water changes, additives used, appetite....does he look bloated?
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Old 03-04-2011, 10:13 AM   #3 
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5 gallon, filtered, and heated tank. External, attached filter, with long intake tube. Heater next to filter. Dual filters (one filter, one spoonge, and air stone) inside of filter.

Right now, he's only been in the tank for a day, so i haven't done any water changes. But he's due for one in about 3 days.

Previously, I had been doing water changes 2x weekly, as his first habitat cycled pretty quickly.

He still swims all around the tank, but does this for hours at a time, which is quite worrisome to me.

The tank is 76 - 78 degress, have multiple strips around the tank, so not sure what's going on?
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Old 03-04-2011, 10:19 AM   #4 
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Two more videos showing the odd behavior:

#1: Him on the bottom:

#2: Him laying down:
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Old 03-04-2011, 10:19 AM   #5 
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: USA
If he seems to having buoyancy problems as pictured in the second pic...
I would start a 10 day Epsom salt(Not aquarium salt) treatment on him.

Put him in a small QT container that can be floated in the heated tank (attached to the side so it doesn't sink)
Get a clean 1gal jug and fill with dechlorinated water of like temp and add 1tsp/gal Epsom salt(Not aquarium salt) use this water for 100% daily water changes for 2 days-then increase the Epsom salt 2tsp/gal and continue the 100% daily water changes with this water for 7 more days-pre mixing the treatment water will help make water changes and correct dosage easier

Hold all food for the first 3 days and then offer half feeding twice a day during treatment

Maintain water temp in the 76-78F range

You can also add tannins to the Epsom salt treatment water from either-naturally dried and fallen from the tree Oak leaf (10-12 crushed/gal) or Indian almond leaf or blackwater extract or decaf green tea-let one of these steep in the treatment water for at least 1 hour before use-the longer it steeps the more tannins released the dark the water the more the Betta will like it...shake well before use

Make sure the pre-mix treatment water is within a couple of degree in temp between the QT water-so not to cause temp shock problems.

Covering the top of the QT container with plastic veggie wrap will also help by keeping the air above the water warm and humid for the labyrinth organ.

Good luck and keep us posted....
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Old 03-04-2011, 10:25 AM   #6 
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Thank you so much for the info! He seems to swim just fine, and stays at the top and bottom as well w/o too much of an effort, so i am unsure if the boyancy issue is happening. the 3 videos I posted show his behavior, and show him swimming. He isn't swimming to the side, so i, for now, have rulled out the swim bladder issue.

He still watches what I do, responds to my finger movements on the glass, and loves to watch tv (stays suspended about 1/2 water level, glued to the side of the glass, watching the images).

Right now, he's down there by the plants digging in the gravel.

Maybe it's just how he likes to be? Dunno. I'm a bit hesitant to do a treatment on him, given he's only been in this take for about a day. Maybe it's just the stress of a new tank.
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Old 03-04-2011, 10:29 AM   #7 
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: USA
I would go ahead and make some 50% water only changes with a little extra dechlorinator to rule out the water as the cause......when you have behavior changes like that especially in new setup....its best to rule out the water as the cause......

The second pic...does he normally float on his side like that?
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Old 03-04-2011, 10:48 AM   #8 
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Not usually no. He normally spends his time down at the bottom digging in the gravel, wrapping himself around the plants, or swimming in and out of his cup cave.

My little guy is for sure a bottom dude lol.

When we were setting up the tank, he was still in his old tank. We did put him in this tank, and started moving som eplants around, and that's when he started doing the arched thing. I think he was just scared. We had to reanchor some of the plants due to the placement of the heater, and his cup cave.

Like, right now, he's down there, under the green plant stem, poking at a lilly seed.

Also, he likes to dart from bottom to top, then back down. He does this extremely fast, his fins almost seem to go in a straight line.

Given that this tank hasn't cycled yet (and may not, given we reused the old water and gravel from his first tank), he may be just stressing over that.

Water parameters are good, no traces of nitrite, and the other's (amonia, nitrate) are all normal. Water hardness is a bit on the high side, but we have added more conditioner, and will retest that later.

Iggy swimming near top:

Iggy swimming away near top:

Iggy at bottom, watching kid get in his tank box:

Iggy wondering why i'm taking so many pics:

Iggy on tank glass/bottom:

Tank Filter/Setup:

Top down into tank, with iggy swimming around near bottom:

Filter Flow directionality:

Current water temp:

Maybe it was just him being sleepy lol.
He's dartign around like a mad man, and watching my 4 y/o being a dork in the living room. Dunno, i'll watch him over the next few days.
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Old 03-04-2011, 11:33 PM   #9 
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Update on Iggy

Turns out the issue was indeed the water!

I tested for Amonia today, and it was slightly high, so did a 30% water change. Then added some Kent Betta Start in there. Levels were great after that, and not even 15 minutes later, he was all darting around acting like a silly guy.

We were so happy, we decided we'd add some friends for him. So, after shopping around, we found some beautiful ghost shrimp to add to his home. Only 2, but I figure that's just fine for a family home of 5gallons :) *though, oh my, the adult shirmpie is preggo!!!!!* mmmm, this should be interesting!

I also found out, his hiding up by the filter, was simply to complain about it. He's very picky about water movement, extremely so lol. To the point that if i move the desk too much, and it causes the water to stir, he freaks out and hides in his cave cup lol.

So, i did the new sock baffel instead. I just put the opening around the entire exit of the filter, and the water flow is still the same, but it all is interrupted quite nicely, and only doward instead of upward. He also can swim up, and down, and play on the surface quite happily.

Iggy Happy!

Iggy Playing with Shrimp Friends:

Iggy being Coy!

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