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Originally Posted by Malvolti View Post
There's also the possibility he survived the freezer, Bettas have a habit of doing it. Sadly the only quick and sure way is a club to the head.
That sounds horrible! :(

I agree about the blow to the head thing, although I don't think I could ever do it that way.
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I put them in a cup with just enough water to cover them, I use party punch cups.

Wait for them to take a breath then pour in isopropyl alcohol "rubbing alcohol" or if you're maudlin use expensive 190 vodka.
When you get the alcohol percentage past 20% they should pass, be sure to give them some time in the cup this way as you don't want them coming back.
It's almost painless and a hell of a lot faster than having their labyrinth gland frozen and suffocating to death from brain freeze.
It's also sterile. I do this then put the cup out beside the fern and bury them the next day.
A half liter of 50% will do five or six fish and costs less than a buck.

Or you can use hot water over 120. Its gruesome but fast. Remember to take bye-bye pictures before hand if you use hot water.

I sometimes take pictures after alcohol as part of post mortem.

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I never thought of the alcohol, if for some reason I ever have to euthanize a betta I'll keep that in mind.

I don't think I could ever do the club thing either. Heck, I feel guilty for swatting Mosquitoes...
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Oh gross I could never do any of that! Especialy pounding them in the head and seeing.....never mind

my fish are going to live forever....shhh dont kill my dream!
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