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Originally Posted by PewPewPew View Post
Try putting it INTO the bottom part. I believe it comes off. Also, rubber band it to the top where it comes off. My 1inch tetra isnt bothered by it..
OR, you can sinch the tubing, which weakens the air flow.
Try a bobby pin pulled over it tight like this -->-- or you can try other things that will sinch it, clips, etc. It worked for me, too.

The bottle baffle is scary. People's fish have died from it in various ways...
Thanks so much!! I took it apart and put a tiny piece of sponge into the intake and it worked perfectly!
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:D yay!
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Red face Try this for a smaller tank

Originally Posted by briser View Post
So I went to the pet store and bought a "filter sponge" as it said on the package... I cut it to fit and stuck it in the part that was causing the trouble and it didn't help AT ALL. The flow is still the EXACT SAME!
I even tried putting more water in the tank to go over the flow and it's still pushing my little girl around!
I am going to try the vertical bottle next... any other suggestions?
I also have a smaller tank because i live in a dorm, so space is limited. But I've found that pouring more water so it covers the outflow helps the current caused by the filter. I wanted to try the bottle baffle but I realized that even a small water bottle would take up too much space in the tank. So I have found a pretty good solution, I did the bottle baffle but instead of a water bottle I used an old prescription bottle, it serves the same purpose without blocking the filter too much and uses much less space, It's been working for me so far. Just a warning though, be careful trying to cut the bottle to make the baffle, the plastic is kind of hard to cut. If you can find another similar object with an easier to cut material then you should try that. And be sure to cut any jagged edges off, our bettas have fins to keep gorgeous. And make sure the bottle is clean and free of adhesive from the Rx sticker or something, better yet maybe go to your local pharmacy and ask if they can spare a couple clean empty bottles. Also ask if they have clear bottles as opposed to orange, my boy, Xany doesn't really like the orange he nipped at it for the first hour it was there, now he just glares at it. But otherwise good luck with the baffling!
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