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All About Betta Splendins

Betta, what other fish name conjures up the same feeling of Mystery, Beauty and sheer Awe than the that of the Betta? This thread's sole purpose is educate those who love, care and honor these fish, and to prevent the abuse this magnificent species has suffered in the hands of the ignorant. Please pass this on so we can do our best to save these fish the torture they must endure until we come to save them.

Betta Splendens or "Siamese Fighting fish" are in the top 5 most loved and kept fish in the World! Not just the U.S. Their name is derived from Bettuh <Warrior> and Splenden <Magnificent, Glorious, Beautiful>.
Of course their are favorites for the Latin Splenden we all choose the one we like best ;)

Betta is pronounced as <Bet-tuh> not as <Bay-tuh> or <Bay-tuh fish>. We know it's a fish, Angels and some other species use fish in their names only because there are other forms of the word and fish is used as a distinction. <Cat fish, Archer fish etc.> There are no other Betta names around that needs reinforcing so that when we talk about Betta's there is nothing else were discussing other than the fish.

Beta <Bay-tuh> Second letter of the Greek alphabet and also referring to 2nd of a series or the number 2. Obviously this has nothing to do with the Fish so let's get people straight on this. After all if your name was Tom you wouldn't like people calling you <Tome> nor would they sound very intelligent doing so. <I realize Betta's don't care what we call them as long as it's not calling them late for dinner> :)

The single best thing we do most for Betta's <the lucky ones> is save them from ignorant Pet chains that constantly mistreat these fish. These poor creatures spend most of their life, if not the rest of it in these tiny prisons that are never heated and usually filled with "The Blue crap" that actually does nothing to prevent anything. And to add insult to injury they promote the proliferation of mis pronouncing it's name and improper care and housing practices.

There is a plethora of inhumane prison cells for Betta's on the market and it's our duty to inform any we see about to use one the error of that device and steer them in the proper direction. After all we could live our entire lives in a tiny 4x4 closet but we would never thrive or amount to much. I have a list of the important facts on Keeping Betta's and won't go into detail as there is some great advice already in this forum.

1> Betta's are Tropical fish, meaning they require a heated aquarium in the range of 76-82F.
2> They need access to the top of the aquarium regardless of water conditions to take in Air. Some believe it's imperative they use the Labyrinth organ regularly.
3> They come from stagnant water. That means slow or not moving...NOT unfiltered or Filthy. They require clean well filtered water to thrive. Or frequent water changes if kept in small bowls <no freaking cups!!>
4> They need peaceful waters. Yes they are not strong swimmers and prefer shallow slow or still water. Use of sponge filters run by an air pump seem to work best or HoB style filters with flow reduced greatly. Betta's develop swim disorders and other problems if kept in deep fast moving water.
5> Vary their diet for greater health. Flake and pellets may be fine but a feeding of live foods 1 or 2 times a week will go light years in better health and vitality.
6> Please if you glean nothing else from this article retain this: House your Betta don't imprison your Betta. 1 gallon tanks are good, 2.5-5 gallons are better and a 10 gallon mansion is best. 5g tanks seem to be ideal though I have seen some nice 3 gallon led lighted models for $19.99 which is an awesome deal. They will be much appreciative for the spacious quarters and live a good long time happy to be with you.

Forgive me if it sounds too much like a rant, but the treatment of these beautiful fish disgusts me. Please help by informing your local retailers and prospective Betta owning friends, and keep the ignorant out there from ruining a favorite Aquarium fish by spreading false and mythical information to those would care to learn the right information.

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Wow awesome thread :)
That must have taken a while to write.
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Nice! Its very informative!
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