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Old 03-07-2011, 05:19 PM   #1 
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I saved a Betta!

Nope, I didn't save him by buying him... although it was tempting.

I was at PetsMart today getting some frog food. I decided to check on their bettas since I have an opening to fill but I'm taking my time to make sure I get the right betta. The store always has quality veils and look after them well, never a sick or dying betta in sight. The downside is they only carry blue VTs and CTs but I look anyways just incase. I know of the breeder (he stocks many stores in western ontario) and I know he has more than just blue VTs so I always hope something more interesting slipped in.

Anyways, whhen I went to the Betta section there was a lady and her two kids looking at them. The little girl wanted a .5 gallon tank because it was "prettier". The associate "helping" them was saying it's fine, that bettas live in little puddles...

I couldn't stand by and listen to her so I interrupted and said no, they do not live in puddles and they need bigger tanks than .5 gallons. The associate said she keeps hers in a small tank and it is fine so I showed them in the store care sheet it said minimum 1 gallon. The boy ran and grabbed a gallon tank, not perfect but better. While he was gone the mom turned to me and said "Thanks, I read that online when I was researching. A pet store is a pet STORE after all." (My inside voice said yay, someone researched first). I told her I keep 2 at home and love them. Then she asked me what else she needs to know, I told her they should have a heater etc.

So after that I went to the cash to pay for my frog food and the boy comes up to me and asks me to help him pick a healthy Betta.
They all looked great so I told him any would be good. He ended up picking a blue VT with a super long caudal, no signs of disease and very active.

Anyways it was nice to see someone who educated themselves and weren't hesitant to ask for advice (and ignore store associates). And she was teaching her kids to get what is recommended, not what's "prettier". I just wish I could have talked them into a 2+ gallon tank, stupid pamphlet and its 1 gallon...

I was mildly surprised by the lack of knowledge of this associate. The two full timers at the store are super knowledgeable and steer people to the right equipment (even refuse to sell when the customer doesn't have the right set-up). She seemed more interested in making a sale and got annoyed when I interfered, even though I was making a bigger sale for her.
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Old 03-07-2011, 07:34 PM   #2 
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I'm glad that you managed to get that betta into a better home! :) And thank goodness the mother had done a bit of research, it makes me glad to know that some people take the time to find out what's best for the animal :)

As for store employees, they just don't like to be caught looking uninformed, it makes them look bad :P
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Hurray, a happy story! :D
Thank you for speaking up. ^^ *shakes fist at ignorant store employee*
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