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Please Some HELP!

I ordered 5 females from a breeder, and upon arrival I immediately took them out of their box, and used the floating bag technique to acclimate them all into a 55 gallon, planted, community aquarium that sits at a pretty 80 degrees. 2 days later I noticed 2 had small white spots on them and immediately quarantined each into individual 0.5 gallon containers. I made a thread on here and was suggested to use aquarium salt. I have been doing so for about a week, 100% daily water changes now (started off at every other day but with the worsening I uped the anty). None of the other bettas and community fish (tetras, kuhlis,guppies,etc) have any spots on them or seem any different to me. So I'm assuming these too were just very stressed compared to the others. The white spots now look like gaping wounds, and I'm freaking. I have 3 chain stores, and one smaller pet store that does more with puppy mill puppies than fish so I may be limited on meds. They are petsmart/petco/and pet supplies plus btw. Please someone help! My healthy ladies have stolen my heart and I know my sick ladies would have be great if they were better. As of right now they no longer eat, and only one comes to the top for air. I am very concerned so sorry about this novel!! (Oh and sorry if the pictures are huge and bad...Iphone is my only option).
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Lowering the water level so that it just covers her would help the one that doesn't swim up get some air.

Otherwise I don't know what to tell you. :[ I hope she and your other girl pull through! <3
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Aquarium salt is supposed to help with open wounds, but if you have been doing that and it still progressed to this I don't know what to tell you! I'm so sorry, I saw your other post and I didn't know what to do or say, so I didn't write anything... hmmm... I'd PM OFL immediately, she's a genius and can most likely help. I second lowering the water level, but to help make the betta more comfortable I'd remove the gravel and plant to allow a little more water in the tank. :)
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