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That is so true. I feel like a real you-know-what for jumping to conclusions. I guess after recent breeding "fiascos" on here I jumped too quickly. I never even considered the fact that there could be a language barrier or that the trip could be an emergency of some sort.

OP, I am so sorry! I hope the trip goes well for you, and good luck with the babies!
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Originally Posted by indjo View Post
Actually nature provides tons of food alternatives - infusoria, daphnia, all sorts of worms, etc. The problem is that for some reason he can't contact local hobbyist for help. He needs to learn the hard way - trial and error. I tried to help anyway I can but I don't exactly know his area - can he get to a padi field, natural pond/river, etc. - thus can't guide him 100%. And since he is doing it indoors, he can't use my method of aging the water for a month so micro critters can develop in his tank.

I know he is trying his best to get plants and fry food. He is also trying to make microworms from nature - though I think he has a problem with soil/fields (not sure) because he was confused when I told him he had to bury a potato. He only lacks experience which can not be achieved through reading. He needs to go out to his natural environment and learn where and how to look for/gather whatever he needs.
Completely true! Though do you think it would be a lot easier considering he is from Malaysia? And many breeders have it easier and way less expensive because they live in very warm tropical places right?.

I mean it doesnt even get very cold over there.
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In general, and compared to you guys up north, yes breeding should be easier and cheaper. We don't need pumps/filters, heaters, and most people don't even use dechlor's nor plants. All we need is good water, tank/tub, fry food and the breeding pair. In two months fry are moved to 1 liter used plastic bottles (free or very cheap) cut in half. Only serious show breeders use extra equipments. (Assuming that Malaysian environment = to mine).

And live food is abundant in nature - thus also free. But for those in the city, like me, must buy food (cheaper and more convenient). Then again live foods aren't always sold in LFS/fish markets. I happen to live in the center of our economical activities thus just about everything is sold. So I can understand if the OP has limited supplies. He must contact local hobbyists/breeders and get info from them.
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Very true.
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