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major face palm

so i was in the lfs........killing time.....and checking out their you do.....Pippin was a recent purchase here so i was sussing out the others with fin damage
SEEMS none have been treated for fin damage because the store "Is waiting on melafix" to come in because they sold out, even sold the store stuff....(i mean how hard is it to give a worker $15 and send them to another pet shop to be able to treat their fish?)

anyway one female was left and she was in the filter baffles of this tank. i pointed it out and was told "She likes it in there and goes in and out all the time" Ok bettas are sneaky but why not block it off so she cant?
She was raggered as hell

then the betta tanks are next to all these tiny as tanks. theres one tank im looking at but it would be a one better one guppy tank i think its not overly large but has built in filter and light.

but the biggest issue is theres a laminated care sheet with things like
"Your fighter will love a small bowl"
"little to no circulation is best" WTH? my little cinder IS OBSESSED WITH ANY KIND OF CURRENT!
"500ml container is plenty big enough" WTH thats less then ONE LITER, one liter is 0.6 gallons.

i couldnt read any more

i did ask about the next shipment of ladies, noone could tell me what was ordered or when they would come, but tried to tell me HMS are pretty much seasonal and can only be ordered at certain times of the year.

I may stop in there on monday when im alone and WAIT to talk to the owner, he had me all lined up to do a work trial for a job he had but he has been giving me the run around. so i think i outta pay him a visit!

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