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Old 03-08-2011, 03:50 PM   #1 
Guppie luver
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We got the betta and we need a name.

OK so me and my friend ( the sucker fish friend the sucker fish is gone) we got a betta last night for her and I got my school of 6 zebra danios and my 1 more green glo fish. Well my point is that we can't think of a name for the betta. So I can't get a pic. but I can tell you what he looks like. His colors are blue white red and a littel bit of blue the white is on the mane body and the body has some red and blue scales. The fins are blue that fades into red and we want a good name and I will post the pic. later if I can get one he is so pretty, I love him.
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patriot. america. presidents names. states.
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Don't know, but he sounds pretty. Maybe Fade, since you said his colors fade into each other.
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His Lordship, the Mighty and Unique, Fearsome Feed-Me Junior!

Could name him Chuck Norris, then when someone asks why shush them that he'll hurt them if they ask.

With girls I usually go with colors or flowers of their color, if I have derivatives, Like I had a Red, so Rose then Petals... qq.

With boys I go for descriptive.

Pheech was our first, she slurred when I came home with him.
Dart had water fleas, darted around all day. It got cured.
Emo was just SOOOO //wrists. He jumped into a bio-cube sump 3 times and lost a little tail to the pump each time.
Goat killed two other boys at walmart and came out happy, proud... and well fed, he's never turned his nose up at foods.
Sherbert you've seen, he has all sorts of soft tuti-fruti colors and a very soft fluffy flowing fin structure.
Bubbles's eyes look like bubbles and he attacked bubbles thinking they were food when I put him in his new tank, he's bubbly.
Timid was scared of anything but his own reflection.
Martin was Martin Blank, all white round tail. I knew he was of plakat fighter descent.
Fluffy is a floating pom-pom stuck at half-time. He'll even prance at you through two other tanks if he finds you when you call his name.
Kingsley is a very young king. Rather sedate, unhurried. He's the "its a trap" picture I took.

We have a young double delta who may well reach halfmoon we're tenatively calling little boy. He's at 175 and still filling out.

Boys like names that mean something to YOU because they will bind to you, so the way you say it is important.

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