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Solar Flair

I have been thinking about getting 1 more betta, I wanted to find an Orange HM...well here he is!
I named him Solar Flair because of his colors and I call him sol (Like Soul - I just found out Sol means Sun in spanish, how fitting!), for short because I was so worried something might happen to him when I got him. He was under the weather and I believe he had parasites so I treated him with aquarium salt and temperatures in the lower 80s. After that he perked up alot and was/is quite happy. I thought something was wrong with him at first when I brought him home, he was breathing faster than my other bettas do, but I found him taking a big swoop around his home all puffed up, gills and fins, flaring at the reflections. He was just agitated by them and I think he exhausted himself doing it. I have noticed his gills moving alot whenever I go see him, is this normal?
Other than that, he will stare off for a bit like he is in a trance and then turn and look at me like "Oh, hi!" He will do that too when paying attention to me, just stare into space a moment and then go back moving about just fine.
It appears as though he is just very focused on what he's doing but I wonder is this anything to worry about?
He can still see some of his reflection, but I am going to cover those spots to make it better.
Anyway, back to his name. Two of my family members gave me the idea for Solar Flair and/or Soul and then it went from there.
And now I think his name is just going to be Sol, which means Sun in Spanish.
So from Solar Flair, to Sol, to Sol meaning Sun.

Okay! You can see I wrote more below his picture (In the link):

I'm still learning about him but so far he has puffed up at his reflection when ever he sees it and he gets excited and wiggles around for food when I feed them. I had him in a 1 gallon tank in the beginning to quarantine him and then switched him and Autumn to a divided tank (aquarium sealant used to hold the divider in place), and they are enjoying it! Though I think it will take some time for them to get used to knowing there is another betta on the other side of their home, lol
Autumn turns completely red with icey lavender eyes when feeling dominant and challenging another betta! She's very smart/clever.
Hopefully I will get pictures of the divided tank up soon!
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not the best pic size wise but is he a butterfly?
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I am jealous! I just love orange bettas! :)
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Lol, I'm sorry about the size, but it's the only way I could upload it. The origional size is better.
The cup says he was a Halfmoon, how would I tell if he is a butterfly?

Orange is a very pretty color.
Actually it's one of my favorites so it was awesome to find an orange betta!
Hope you find one too if you haven't ~
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