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Is something wrong with Sonic?

I got 2 bettas 3 days ago. Sonic and King.

King is very happy, he eats and swims like hes loving life. He lives in a 1.5 heated tank.

BUT Sonic doesnt seem as happy.... He lives in a even bigger 3 gallon heated tank. He has not ate since I got him. When I first saw him, his fins looked beautiful, now he doesnt "show them off" as much. Should I be worried? Is he stressed? This is the tank I have for him

Think it would be best to take out the middle cylinder to give him more room, even though its an airstone filter?
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They do not need that middle thing, and are you sure its a filter?
Many members remove them.

What is your water change schedual? Dechlorinator? How often is he fed? The temp?

Stress can be caused if one of these things is not correct or kept up.

Is he pale at all or listless? That's usually a give away. All bettas are different, your one may just be very different than the other. He might not be showing off as much just because or because he is ill or the tank isnt quite right.

More info and maybe a picture will help! :D
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That is a 2 gallon tank, I have the same one, and it's not a filter, it's just an air pump. The bottom disk under the gravel acts like a filter to trap everything underneath, but it really does not have a filter. I left my middle tube in to leave the air pump in because my Beta likes the bubbles it creates, but I suppose if you wanted you really don't need that air pump at all, so you could take out the cylinder.
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