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Old 03-10-2011, 06:11 AM   #11 
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My fish have had this too i think. My last fish I got started to get tail rot or something then died soon after i bought it. I just got a new one to replace it and now it has ick i believe. I just got this fish two days ago. i made sure to clean out the bowl thoroughly after the one before it died. but even still i didnt use the same bowl. i put it in a different bowl. i'm not certain he'll make the night, and i want to get another fish but i'm afraid its something i'm doing wrong, not that i just bought a sick fish twice in a row.
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Are you sure that bowl is 2.5-3 gallons? It looks really small, I would guess that it is 1 gallon or less.
You are not doing water changes frequently enough. Even if the bowl really is 2.5 gallon which I doubt it is, bi-weekly are not enough.
Even if your water looks clean it can still contain ammonia which can make your fish sick.
With a tank your size I would be doing water changes every 2-3 days if it really is 2.5 gallon, if it is smaller I would do changes each day.

Also your setup is not ideal for a betta, you need to add some more plants and something for him to hide in.
In a tank that small the filter could also be to strong and cause him stress.

I would do a 100% water change and measure the gallons to see how big your bowl really is.
Also you might want to think about just getting a tank, your bowl may look nice but it really isn't great for a betta to live in.
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I just got a new betta, I noticed yesterday a white cotton on his caudal and anal fin tips (crowntail). Went to petco and the fish expert gave me a water additive that kills fungus, bacteria and something else, but I don't remember. He told me to put the fish in a smaller bowl and quarantine, add the recommended dose, do 100% water changes once a day, adding fresh mess with each change, for 3-4 consecutive days. Also, to do a deep clean on the tank. He said the cotton stuff is a fungus and that med should do it. He says it's caused by poor water quality - if your other fish had it, it's probably still infecting your tank and decor. Perhaps you're having the same issue as me? Mine is tolerating the med very well and I've already seen a difference in behavior and the white cotton had already begun to shrink. I hope you figure out your issue and can save your baby.
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*Fresh -Meds- Wouldn't let me edit. :)

And the poor water quality was from the cup he came in from the store, luckily I hadn't purchased the 2.5 gal tank yet and put him in it yet.

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White/cottony thing sounds like columnaris.. not a fungus but actually a bacterial infection. More than likely its from poor water conditions from the infrequent water changes. Emma is right, even if that bowl is 2.5gallons it should get changed every couple days to avoid harmful ammonia buildup.

Fish constantly secrete ammonia, hence why water changes have to be done. When it reaches harmful levels, it can cause things such as organ failure and bacterial infections. Your best bet would be to up the water changes to once a day until the symptoms disappear, and after that keep up with water changes every 2-3 days or so.. if you want t cut back on how often you change the water, you can upgrade to a larger tank, which will be easier to maintain in the long run.
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thank you so much for the feedback guys... it's a 2.5gal bowl, cuz it takes me 2 gal spring water jugs to fill it plus a cup.. even then the filter is only for a 1-3gal, so will the filter stress him too much?

EMMA - i guess you are right, cuz he hides behind the heater whenever he gets a chance... so i should get a tank.

maybe, i should get a tank like u guys suggest... :) thanks so much for the feedback..
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If you can gt him a tank I think you would see a big improvement.

You can get a plain 2.5 or 5 gallon for less than $20 and you already have the heater and filter, so you just need some sand or gravel, a few more plants and something for him to hide in.
If you want t save some money instead of buying a hideout from the pet store you can use a taracotta pot, it's cost about 70 cents and works great, just make sure to plug the hole in the bottom.
As for the filter it really depends on the fish, some don't mind and some totally hate it.
If you think he is stressed you could try making a filter baffle or you could just take it out.
Good to know the bowl isn't as small as I thought, But the shape doesn't make the best use of water space.

I say totally get a tank, it will be super rewarding to see your fish happy!
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Mouth Fungus
Symptoms: White cottony patches around the mouth. Mouth Fungus is so called because it looks like a fungus attack of the mouth. It is actually caused from the bacterium Chondrococcus columnaris. It shows up first as a gray or white line around the lips and later as short tufts sprouting from the mouth like fungus. The toxins produced and the inability to eat will be fatal unless treated at an early stage. This bacteria is often accompanied by a second infection of an Aeromonas bacteria.
Penicillin at 10,000 units per liter is a very effective treatment. Treat with a second dose in two days. Or use chloromycetin, 10 to 20 mg per liter, with a second dose in two days. Other antibiotics can also be effective. Kanacyn (kanamycin) will treat both bacteria at once. Maracyn (erythromycin) is effective against C. columnaris, and using Maracyn 2 (minocycline) in conjuntion with it will treat the Aeromonas bacteria as well.
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