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Old 03-12-2011, 01:25 PM   #11 
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Does he skim the surface when getting a new head-full of air, kinda motor-boating along blowing bubbles?
No, though he will take random gulps sometimes (while he's in the water). He's always done that, but he does it more lately. Since last night he's also been starting to flare a little, which I thought was a pretty good sign. He doesn't flare his fins out, but if I come over to his tank unexpectedly he'll flare out his gills.

The water has been changed 100% something like 4 times in the last five days, and even now he's in 2.5 gallons (and is fasting so pretty much no poo) so I don't know that he could be making the water bad quality fast enough to hurt him. I'm in Los Angeles city though, so the tap water isn't great. I let it sit overnight in addition to treating it, before I give it to him.

The medicine I've been giving him is supposed to be 1 dissolving wafer/10 gal...but I dissolved it in 10 tsp instead, and put 2 tsp in his changed water.

Today he seems pretty active--and angry, b/c he keeps half-flaring at me. I think he might be hungry. I can't tell if he's having those muscle spasms or not, because he can go still when he wants to, but he also has a pretty choppy movement *sometimes* when he's swimming, and he will sort of dart his head around (like he's doing the snake) when he's trying to stare me down (when his gills are open).

He still hasn't discovered the hammock! But at least he found a way to sleep on/in the cave comfortably.
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Old 03-14-2011, 10:42 PM   #12 
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Henry's gotten a new symptom:

He's always burping. He burps out his food when he tries to eat (he keeps going back to the pellet, so I know he *wants* to eat it, and it's already sort of mushy because I soak the pellets in garlic juice), and he's always burping up bubbles.

He also has been building bubble nests, but they look like actual nests and are in a specific location. The bubbles he burps up are just any old place in the tank.

He doesn't hang out at the surface especially. Even though he loves his new leaf hammock and has really gotten a routine down with his cave, so he rests on those a lot, he seems overall really active, and likes to travel all over the tank. He gets weird and twitchy with me, but I'm 85% sure that's just excitement/nervousness and not muscle spasms (though not 100% sure).

But he's frequently burping up this air, and is often opening and closing his mouth when he's underwater--almost like he's yawning or talking.

This is day 5 of 100% water changes with aquarium salt and doubled water conditioner, and day 3 of 2 tsp aquarium salt/gallon (as opposed to 1 tsp/gallon) and the recommended dose of the OTC general medicine. His color looks better, but his fins are still dark at the edges, he's still twitchy, and he's got this weird burping/gasping thing going on.

Should I do anything differently? What do you guys think is wrong with him? How long should I keep up this treatment?
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Research gill flukes and see if that fits....a fish that yawns a lot is usually trying to dislodge an irritant from the occasional yawn is normal.....
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Research gill flukes and see if that fits....
Uh oh--yeah, it does.

He's still yawning a lot (as in, constantly). When I got him (a couple weeks ago), the tip of his gill was always sticking out below his chin...but then I started noticing him flaring his gills a lot (in the last few days), and then I noticed that he was flaring one gill and not the other (yesterday/today), and now when I just checked him out, it looks like that gill is permanently stuck open and the skin above it (closer to his face) looks lighter (pinkish instead of purple).

He's also got a secondary infection--fin rot--which is what I noticed first, and which hasn't improved despite all the water changes and salt baths.

I can't afford an expensive treatment! What can I do?!
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Also, Henry has seemed lethargic since last night. He's just hanging out on his leaf or his cave. They say that's a sign of the parasite getting even worse?!
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