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Question Help! Something is Wrong With My Betta's Fins!

Something is wrong with three of my Betta's fins.
First, The ends of Gyger's fins (he is a VT) are starting to crinkle up, like what plastic looks like when thrown into a fire.
And Melvin and Pug (both CTs) fins, the end of the rays, are getting little bright red bumps on the ends of them. They look like Rudolph's nose. They are about the size of a small Betta food pellet. What can it be that they both have them? I have one other CT (Cannibal Johnson) but his fins look fine.
They are basically impossible to get pictures of. They are too tiny and my Bettas will not stay still.
Also, everyone is still acting fine. But Pug has been pretty listless today, just sitting at the surface corner doing nothing. And he has more of the red spots then Melvin. And the bumps are only at the ends of their tail rays. They look healthy otherwise.
BTW, they are all in their own tanks.
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sounds like bug bites, doesn't it? Like something biting into the fins and heads but also damaging blood flow on your VT's tail.

If it is water parasites you need to treat for minimum ten days continuous dosage of whatever treatment you use. I'd start off going after a parasite but since you've got three you can start off going after it different ways. Salt+tannin, parasite clear and some ich clear to see which works. If all three work, yay. Use water bottles to fraction liquified doses of the meds.

Are you using the same net and kit for all your water changes?
Remember to hot water spray sterilize your gear with tap water.

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Gygers might be fin rot. But I never seen fins crinkle up.? Hmm. Try adding some salt.
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How big are the tanks, how much and how often are the water changes and when was the last one, water temp, filter, live plants, additives used, any tank mates, how long have you had them and have they ever been sick or treated with anything, appetite, type and amount of food....if new, how did you acclimate you have and water pram numbers to post....
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Gyger is in a divided 6.6 gallon, Melvin is in a 5 gallon, and pug is in a 2 gallon.
I do a 20-30% water change on teusdays and I siphon on fridays. They all have silk plants. I only use Prime when changing their water. Pug has no filter, Melvin has a baffled filter, Gyger's tank has a filter but he is not on the side that has it. I have had Gyger and Pug since January (bought them together) and I have had Melvin since November. None of them have ever been sick in any way. I feed them 3 pellets everyday with a fasting day on teusday. They eat Aqua Culture brand Betta pellets but Melvin has had his red bump way before I switched them to this food. They have no tank mates (besides Gyger living in a divided). Temps are all at around 77 degrees. And I do not know the water pram numbers.
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