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Question Mars the Avenger(/Betta Fish)

Hello Betta Fish forums,
I would like to introduce Mars.
Named after the patron deity of ancient rome. His fins are blood red, with bone white accents, and his body is a pale redish purple (like the attire of any roman nobility).
He reigns over his 2.5 gallon kingdom, which is of a moderate temperature (74 degrees f) (without any sort of filtration or aeration).
He dines on only the best "Betta Bio-Gold" pellets of Hakari about once an evening (recommended by these forums), however he sometimes abstains from food to maintain his rounded fighting figure.
His water is changed (~50%) by his humble servants about twice a week, and "amquel ammonia detoxifier" is used to eliminate excess irritants from his olympus like home. And because he was thought to have an infection of the mind (some kind of fungal infection) he was dosed with "pimafix antifungal fish remedy" once a day for the past 5 days.
He has travelled from his unfitting dwelling in a petco cup, to this (relatively) spacious abode, and has reigned for some 14-21 days (midterms are here and im having trouble remembering when exactly i purchased my fish).
He has been living comfortable until recently....

I noticed a change in his behavior recently. He seems to be depressed, staying at the bottom of his tank or floating sideways on top of his heater. perhaps i should change his water more frequently? or add a playmate or two to his tank (i was thinking a few neon tetras)?
The nitrogen cycle has yet to begin in my tank, as i am waiting for the bacteria to form to digest the ammonia into nitrite, and the nitrite to nitrate. I use Amquel to keep the fish comfortable but i worry that this may prolong the amount of time before the bacteria form.
I have 2 bulbs planted, but both have yet to grow.
i can submit a picture but it will be camera-phone quality.
I really like this fish, and i want it to survive and enjoy itself. I know my aquarium is the bare minimum for a betta fish, but i cant afford much more. I want my fish to be entertained, but not over crowded or harassed, so im not sure what, if any, sort of partner species i should add to my tank.
I am new to aqua-culture and any comments are very much appreciated, thanks you. -Mars
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anyone out there?


i hope this thread doesn't die before morning.
i'll bump again then, if there's not a sufficient response.
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We would love to see pictures! And Pimafix, Melafix, and Bettafix mess up the Bettas' labyrinth organ, which they used for breathing from the surface.
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I love the name Mars! Definitely post some pics :)

Some tips:
The water is too cold for bettas. It should never be lower than 76, with 78-82 generally being the most recommended.

I would also suggest that you split his meals into two (example:3 pellets in am, 3 in pm). It is best for their digestive system. HIkari recently changed their ingredients so unfortunately they are not the best. I recommend a food with the first 2 ingredients being seafood based. Hikari contains a lot of wheat stuff now.

It may be very difficult to form the nitrogen cycle in a small tank. Most people have had the best luck in 5 gallons and over.

For your size tank I would only recommend some shrimp or a snail. If you wanted fishy friends for your betta you would need at least a 10 gallon.
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Lion Mom
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Without a filter Mars NEEDS two water changes a week - one 50% and one 100%.

IMO, the tank is too small for any tankmates.

Also, Mars NEEDS a heater. You will think he is a different fish once the temp gets up to 78/80.

Congrats on your guy, welcome to the forum and we are looking forward to pics! :)
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Everyone else covered it, I just wanted to say welcome to the forum, congrats on your new fish, and he sounds lovely! We'd all love to see pictures!

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Welcome to the forum!! :) :)
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depression, new aquarium, new betta, nitrogen cycle, rome

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