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Behavior and Personality?

Hey everyone. I was just wondering how active your bettas are on a day to day basis. All the bettas I've ever seen in my life have been kept in very very small cramped spaces and have not been very active. I keep my little guy in a 2.5 gallon and he is incredibly active, and seems to have an affinity for swimming along the glass. I was worried that this was the effect of some disease or something at first, but now I've accepted it as part of his personality considering there are much better scratching surfaces in the tank than plain glass. What are your bettas like?
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Mine likes to swim around and around her tank and goes a bit nutty when I get close to her tank, she's always looking around at whats going on in the room...very inquisitive..
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Mine swims around as well,he's always observing and goes crazy when he sees a face or a tail. Cat tail. He just wants to come out and join the fun. I have to say he's pretty active and I've been wondering if there's something more I can do to make him happy.
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My betta, Henry, is really active (he's in a heated 3.5 gal). He likes to skim along the glass, too. Another favorite activity of his is inspecting the bottom of the tank (it's bare-bottomed now b/c he's in QT). His big cave with three openings is constantly fun for him to drift through. When his plant is in there (I removed it for the QT) he likes to weave his way through the leaves. The leaf hammock's suction cup is an awesome place to rest, though the actual leaf has yet to be used. He likes to float around and just kind of explore his space. Whenever he sees me, he comes over...not really for food, but just to see what's up. And even though he's been very sick, he blew a bubble nest today! Henry is definitely really sociable and inquisitive all day, but he gets tired pretty soon after sundown, and he pretty much is asleep by ten p.m. (even though I'm a night owl and stay up wayyyyy later, lol--he's a lot more responsible than me :P).

The only thing that worries me about Henry's behavior is that he doesn't like to flare. It takes a lot for him to do more than puff his gills, and even that is rare. But yesterday when he got cranky (it was the last day of his fast) he decided to flare at me every time he saw me, so maybe he's just really easy-going and it takes a lot to get him PO-ed ;). The mirror trick doesn't work, and when I put a finger to the glass, he just shies away. Actually, the only thing outside of his tank that he seems to care about is me--he can obviously see through the glass, because if I even glance at him from my chair nearby he comes right over, but when I put the little LED light or the mirror next to the tank he ignores them completely.

Anyway, what with the way he makes bubble nests at the least opportunity and hates to flare, guess the little guy is a lover, not a fighter? :P.
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