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Old 03-15-2011, 04:55 PM   #1 
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Just bought a filter for my 10 gal tank, and a new Betta fish, I need advice...

first off, Brand new to this forum, Hi! :D

so, i JUST bought my first betta, who is also the first fish i have had in a few years (and even a few years ago i didn't know enough about water conditions and ended up killing my poor fish...) And i am faced with this huge issue of weather or weather not i should move him into the tank soon.
They guy at Petco said that the water in it's jar is pure, like, better then almost anything on the planet, and after two days of my new tank cycling, i should add the betta fish, (i asked why it doesn't take a few weeks, he said that betta fish are able to survive in a lot of conditions, and a day or two should be enough time passes) then i asked on yahoo answers, and i was told to wait a week, then another person said a few weeks, one even said a few months... I am getting a lot of opinions here,

should i move it out of it's tiny jar? (with the clean water in it...) into a bigger bowl for a few days? (i don't really have any other tanks, and can't buy one at the moment.)

just to clarify, my 10 gallon tank, with brand new lid (with light), a brand new filter, and a brand new heater, is UN-cycled. and from what i read putting a fish in that is BAD, so yeah.... if i put it in a bigger jar, it will be uncycled, just like the tank. although if i keep the fish in its small jar, it will need to be cleaned, (unless i only keep it in there for a day or two, like the guy said)

if i leave him in the jar, should i put a bit of the rocks in it? (i think i read somewhere that it's healthier...)

if i leave him in the jar, how do i clean it, (if he must stay there for more then two days) without a hose...

all in all, what i need to know is, When do i move him into the new tank? and if he stays in his (cycled pure water jar), for more then two days, it should be cleaned. how do i clean it?

thanks. ~Wave

Here is a brand new picture i just took of the tank, with the small jar with the betta in the jar. (the tank is a 10 gallon.)
Attached Images

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Welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of Betta keeping.....

What they are talking about is the nitrogen cycle and this can take 4-8 weeks, however, you can safely cycle the 10gal filtered tank with the Betta provided that you make the needed water changes......

Since this is 10gal and it will be just one fish.....1-2 50% weekly water changes should be fine during the cycling process....provided that you don't leave too much uneaten food in the tank.....

Maintain a stable water temp in the 76-80F range

Make sure the water temp is within a couple of degrees between new and old water with the water changes and always use dechlorinater with any water added to the tank/fish....

What is your source water you will be using for the water supply or well water.....

You need to properly acclimate the Betta to your dechlorinated tank water.....pour half the water out of the holding container you have the Betta in and slowly over 20-30 min add small amounts of the dechlorinated tank water until it is full, repeat this twice and then add the Betta to the tank....make sure the tank water has been dechlorinated and is up to the proper temp before you start this any time the Beta acts distressed...stop and slow down the acclimation process......

DO NOT add any water from the pet shop to the tank

Your first water change will be due on day 3.....

Keep us posted and we would love to see pics......

*Edit....nice tank....use your clean hand or net and pop all the bubble before you add the Betta

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Thanks for a quick reply! and yeah, i can pop the bubbles,
i use city water btw...
So, it's safe to add the fish NOW your saying?(not NOW now... but folling your instructions, i mean is it safe to start adding him?) and just replace the water 50% about twice a week for a while? the fish will be alone in there, (i should also get him some plants...)

and how do i know if he looks distressed?

*Edit, "clean hand" how would i wash that? Don't use soap right? just scrub in plain water? is it safe to scrub with tap water??? or do i need some Dechlorinated water? (not from the tank :P)

OH! and i also put a few pellets in to start the cycling process... was that a mistake? should i find them and remove them so my fish doesn't eat them?

AND i forgot that i don't have aquarium salt... It's a freshwater fish, but i think it sill needs some salt? right? and normal sea salt wont work i'm assuming, do i need to rush off to a store and buy some?

And.... as for checking the water temp, would a normal thermometer work?

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Lion Mom
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Welcome! :)

Just straight hot water (as hot as you can stand it) for your hands, dry with paper towel, reach in the tank to pop the bubbles (they are just air bubbles) and remove the pellets.

Acclimate as OFL said, but first I would float him & his jar (if it doesn't sink) in the big tank for 15 minutes to equalize the temp.

I don't know if a regular thermometer would work - I suppose it would if you just held the end in the water to get a reading. 78/80ish is what you want.

No, you don't need salt. Matter of fact, a healthy betta is better off without it.
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Old 03-15-2011, 09:47 PM   #5 
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doesn't salt help prevent things like fish rot? and other harmful things on your fish?
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Old 03-16-2011, 11:36 AM   #6 
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Location: USA
Long term salt can sometimes do more harm than good.....resistant issues for one and kidney damage with long term use....its a great product for treatments when used for the right reason, dosage and duration.....

I use soap and water and rinse well before I work in my may have some residue but it has never caused any problems for me......if in doubt you can always make a final rinse with vinegar to cut any soap residue....

Not sure about the thermometer....I use a digital thermometer I got in the housewares dept at walmart and it works great for quick temp checks

What kind of dechlorinator are you using.....
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Everything OFL and Lionmom said. I just upgraded my guy to a brand new ten gallon with new tank, filter, heater, hood and lighting. So, I am going through "the cycle," as well. One Betta (and no additional fish) in a ten gallon tank is a low bio-load on your filter/tank system as it cycles. When I feed my guy I make sure he eats everything a pellet/flake/worm at a time. Yes, I feed one pellet/flake/worm at a time. I do not overfeed. I also do 2-50% water changes per week. I used all of the gravel and some of the filter media from the five gallon tank that he was in as "good bacteria colony seed." But, I am still doing 2-50% water changes per week; Just to maintain my guy's excellent health.
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