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PoopyFace TomatoNose & Friends (PIC heavy)

So I saw this yellow betta sad in his cup today and couldnt resist, so with a little rearranging and a divider, Voila! I know have my Ct, who I have decided to name PoopyFace TomatoNose, and his gold mystery snail handyquacks (family guy :) ), and SpongeBob and Gary (Black Mystery Snail), original I know. I've been on a shopping spree this week because I also got 2 new females that I added to my 55 gallon that has 3 females (4 with the one that is currently in QT). They are too freaking cute and tiny compared to my huge bahama mamas, which I included a pic of just so you could see the gerth:) The terra cotta pots will be driftwood in the next couple months, I just wanted a fast cheap hidey option. So far the ladies all get along, they dont really even notice each other, but i'll be watching them closely. Plus I picked up my divider at my petsmart, didnt realize it was clear! SB could care less, and PFTN always flared at the glass, so now he just seems less like a crazy betta and more like a normal one. But its been a couple hours and he's flaring less and less. So any thoughts or suggestions:)
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I really like your tanks! And you bettas are so cute. I love your new yellow boy. I want to own one someday! I don't ever see any here. Your girls must love all the space!!
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He stood out to me, and was there for a couple weeks, soooo I took the plunge. And the ladies do love the space, when I go to feed them in the morning I have to search for them all to make sure everyones getting their fair share. Not an easy task when they are lounging in their moss.
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They are all beautiful and happy looking! :)
Congrats on your new little guy! LOL I love his name;D
Your females are all gorgeous.
I really love your set ups, they are so pretty!
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