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I wouldn't bring the betta back to school under any circumstances unless it was with his full current set up on a temporary basis to teach proper betta care. I would be too concerned that an unknowing or cruel person would mess with it. You could always say it died or ran away. If they give you problems about it you could make it into a bigger issue for them: animal cruelty which is a problem I'm sure they don't want to deal with. A little life lesson, those people who are "in charge" want as little problems as necessary to deal with and will often try to avoid conflicts like this. ;) Good work.
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I am glad you helped the little
guy he must be a lot happier, do you know what type of
Betta he is?
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I like that idea sjones. But I would feel bad taking Moby away for good if my teacher wanted him back. Of course I wouldn't give him to her with out the proper tank and environment, but I don't think I could flat out lie to her. :-/ Either way, Moby is going to get the care he deserves, and I will make sure no matter where he ends up staying he will be happy and healthy no matter what I have to do.

And TwilightNite, I am not sure I understand. Do you mean crowntail...halfmoon... ect? Because if you do, he is a veiltail betta. But other wise, I am not sure what you mean.
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