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Cory catfish and Tetras

I am waiting for my 6 gallon tank to cycle, it should be done in a few days. Before I put in my female betta I was wondering if I could get maybe 2 or 3 cory catfish to put in before her. I would rather get two because the tank is small. Or possibly tetras since they stay smaller. Does this seem like a good idea or should I just keep her in there alone. I don't really want to get another snail because I have one in my other tank and it can be very messy. I'm probably gonna try some ghost shrimp, just hope she doesn't eat them like my male did lol.

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I don't know that Cories or tetras would be a good idea in anything less than a 10 gallon. Cories because they do make a bit of a mess and tetras because they can be a bit nippy and this will only be amplified in such a small tank. Ghost shrimp are actually a ton of fun to watch though (if they don't get eaten of course), they're worth getting and contribute very little mess to the tank. I think you have room for African Dwarf Frogs, but I'm not 100% sure.
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I wouldn't get Cory cats in anything less than a ten, and I wouldn't get tetras in less than a 15. Corys are cute, but they prefer to school with at least 3 others of their species, and they are extremely messy fish. The floor of my ten gallon is constantly carpeted with wafer shrimp pellet crumbs, no matter how many times I vacuum it. Tetras are too active to be in anything less than a 15. There has been success with tetras in a 10 gallon, so if you're feeling confident go for it, but they'd appreciate the extra room.

If you do end up getting a larger tank, go for the Cory cats. I've never had a problem with them, they are so cute and bettas pretty much leave them alone. I own 3 reticulated, and they are spastic little things. One of them has vastly outgrown the other two, but they still school well.

In your setup, I think you have enough room a few (2-4) cherry shrimp. Cherry are a little bigger than ghost shrimp, and more docile. They'll be big enough to handle any harrassment from your betta, and they won't kill other cherry shrimp in the tank.
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Yeah, you can't do fish tank mates in anything less than ten. But shrimp would be great, and you should be able to do a few african dwarf frogs in a 6 gallon if you were interested in those.
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Thanks for the answers, I think I'll stick to ghost shrimp for now since I can't find any cherry shrimp at the pet shops near me. I did get an african dwarf frog once but it would not eat, no matter how hard I tried. I know they are nearly blind and need to have their food in front of their face basically. It ended up dieing, although I'm pretty sure it had something to do with my male betta because it was a little bloody and I'd only had him for two days. So that's another worry of mine. I'll look into it a little more though.
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