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Cool How many days....

OK so last night I realized my beta had ick so I pulled everything apart bleached what I could and baked the rocks now that that parts is done I've had everything sitting in the tank with aquari-sol and aquarium salt and the dechlorifier how many days should I wait for it to be safe to add the rocks and return my beta to his home. Should I wait till I'm done treating my beta with aquari-sol in another tank or would it matter. Also my betas tank has a filter on it can I still add aqiari-sol to the water used for weekly water changws or would it be pointless. This is the first time I've ever Delta with ick and don't want to take a chance in poisoning my fish. I would be very greatful for any advice. Oh also I was unable to lay my fish filter ect. In the sun like recommended if I let it sit in the dechlorifier will it be fine?
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Ich is a parasite so it's best to treat the fish in the tank to make sure that the parasite is killed completely. I don't keep carbon in my filters so I cant tell you whether or not aquarisol will hurt it or not.

Once your done treating the ich (which takes 14 days) there's no point in continually adding the aquarisol because that could eventually make your fish resistant to it should he get sick again which would mean you'd need more medication to treat him.
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In addition to adding the salt you should slowly raise the tank temperature to like 84 or 86F.. this speeds up the life cycle of the ick.

Don't add any medication to the tank if it isn't needed. If your fish doesn't have ick, don't add aquari sol. In addition to being pointless- it could be dangerous and harm your betta. Make sure you rinse the things you bleached REALLY WELL!

You should get new filter media for your tank.. that would be your best bet.

Next time if your fish gets ick, there is no need to wash everything in the tank. You can just leave him in the tank and treat him in there. The best way to treat ick without medications is to add aquarium salt and raise the temperature to 84-86 and leave it there for 2 weeks... if you want directions on the aquarium salt dosage I can let you know.
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OK thank you very much so far I've got the tank set up and gonna do the floating technique to put him back in his home. I rinsed and rinsed everything so I'm praying they are good. I'm using 1tsp a gallon of salt which fills his tank. As for the heater it doesn't go above the normal temp. recomended for bettas. I also found that carbon based filters neutralize the aquarisol so its recommended to take them out during treatments. Again thank you for the input I appreciate it.
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