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African Dwarf Frogs and bettas?

Hi. I have a question similar to this in another thread, but I though having this title might draw ADF owners more.

I have a 5.5 gallon divided tank for two females, Drama Queen and Ocean. And a 1.7 gallon tank for a male who is currently unnamed.

Would I be able to keep an ADF in one of these tanks? I think they are sooo cute and would love one, but it would only work if I could keep them together (mom won't let me get another tank).

What would the ADF's eat? I've been doing research and I've heard that the ADF's will eat any food that floats to the bottom that is not eaten by the bettas? I know they are almost completely blind and would need be to turkey-baste (LOL) food to the bottom for them.

Also, would I need a tank lid? I don't have my tank filled to the top, its just over half full. Would the frogs be able to jump out of it?

I appreciate your help!
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Which tanks are only half(ish) full? If both then I'd say no. ADFs need about a gallon each on top of the 1-2 gallons the Bettas need each. Half full your tanks only count as half what you said they are.

If you filled the tanks to the top then either could house a frog but they are generally happier in small groups, which would make the 5 gallon your best bet. Although there's no definitive proof that they need groups, this is based on my observations of my frogs. If you do fill to the top you will need a hood to keep both the frogs AND the bettas in. The frogs don't often try to jump out but occasionally they might, generally if the bettas sneak up on them.

Frogs can eat betta pellets but it isn't good for them in the long run. Frogs have delicate digestive tracts that hard pellets damage. You can buy frog/tadpole pellets which are basically the same thing but softer and sink right away. I also feed my frogs thawed brine shrimp or blood worms. Thawed food is great because they can find it by smell. That and your Bettas will love you for it.
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About a year ago my grandparents bought me something called a frog o sphere, with an ADF. I recently moved my frog out of this bowl and into a much larger one with one of my female bettas. They are getting along fantastic but if I tried to put him in with my male Betta I'm sure the fish would attack him. I think that your frog would be happiest with one of your females.

About the feeding question, you can order pellets online that are made specially for ADFs. I use the ones that came with my frog, and I know that there is a store that sells them...I just forgot what store. I also give him/her some freeze dried blood worms occasionally. I've found though that you should put the ADF in a smaller bowl to feed it because my Betta will even eat the pellets on the bottom.

Good luck!
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Old 03-26-2011, 03:46 AM   #4 
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ADFs will completely get along with anything. ... and so will bettas (excluding bettas with other bettas). and nither are blind either. they are both very observant.
truth be told... the only thing you need to worry about is bigger, meaner fish.
for example: my girlfriend has a tank she has kept for almost a year with a ADF, a betta, 3 khuli loaches, and a cherry shrimp.
i have kept ADFs and bettas with almost every kind of tetra known to man. and even with some barbs.

summery: bettas and ADFs are GREAT together! :)
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Old 03-26-2011, 09:22 AM   #5 
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Location: Canada
Ok! Thanks everyone! I appreciate your answers!

The tanks are now filled almost completely (there's a bit of space for air space).

I am definetly considering getting one!
Thank you all for your help!
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