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I've never seen dwarf cories at Petsmart or Petco...or anywhere come to think of it lol. I got pandas because they stay a bit smaller than most cories, but they can also be very sensitive so I'm still crossing my fingers that they will stay healthy.

Regardless of who keeps the neons, definitely make sure that you get more as soon as you can; they need to be in groups of six or more.
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Also, just so you know, when I had 6 neons in with my betta, they would nip his fins unless I got food in their mouths fast enough. Just FYI :)
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Yeah, I know I have to get more. These guys were just a test batch to make sure my betta doesn't mind them. If he's okay with these, I'll get more once I have more money.

How often should I feed them? I feed my betta two pellets every morning, as soon as I wake up. Do the tetras need to eat more than that, or less? And what about the shrimp? I heard they just eat whatever's left over.
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Originally Posted by cadi731 View Post
Okay, so I'm thinking about upgrading to a bigger tank for my betta, Ciel. Right now, he's living in a 2.5 gallon tank that kinda looks like a gigantic margarita glass. He doesn't have a heater, but I do weekly water changes and make sure the water isn't too cold for him. He's really happy and swims around like crazy all the time. But I want to get a bigger tank for him. So I went to Walmart and looked at what they had, and I found a 10 gallon fish tank set that comes with a hood and a filter. If you need specifics, it's the Aqua Culture Home Aquarium Starter Kit 10, for like, $30. I'm planning on buying a heater, and some Tetras to put in the tank with him, and maybe a female betta. What kind of tetras should I get, and how many? How should I introduce them? Should I put the tetras, or my betta in the tank first?
Do you mean to say that you want to put Ciel (male betta, correct?) in a ten gallon with a female betta? This is a big no-no. Never put male and female bettas together, they are not compatible, and will most likely kill each other. If the don't kill each other, they might spawn and make hundreds of babies you can't care for :/

The only instance in which this could work is in a tank at least 50 gallons, preferably more.

If that is not what you meant to say, please disregard this post :)
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