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Question Tankmates for King Fishy?

Specs: 10 gal, heater set at 78, filter, two plastic plants, 1 castle and some gravel, using tap water with water conditioner, incandescent lighting (I am considering changing the bulb so that I may have live potted plants).

I have done a little research and found that some fish can be put with male bettas. My guy, King Fishy seems a little shy. He hides a lot and doesn't really care too much if I'm around. Personality thing, but I dig it. He does attack his reflection quite a bit though and often perches himself so that he can just stare at his reflection from afar.

I found an aquarium calculator and it said that I could add 3 mollies, 1 mystery snail and 1 african dwarf frog. My filtration would be at 101% and the stocking at 94%.

I think the dwarf frog is going to be more work to feed than I want to put forth. What does everyone else think?

Next, do these additions sound like they are a good idea with a male betta? I know his own personality plays a part, but in general and with the details given, do you think it's reasonable?

Finally, when should I add the fish and how many at a time? I don't want to hurt any little fishies in the making of this community! I should mention that King Fishy has been in his 10 gal for a week and I am cycling it. I think that's how you term that? I am a novice to fish, if you couldn't tell!

Thanks in advance for the help!!
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Also, I really like the guppy looks, but I have heard this is a no no because of their colors and tails. Is this true? Can I try guppies? I just want some pretty fish to liven up my tank with the very shy King Fishy.
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It depends on the betta. He may act shy by himself but he may be the most agressive betta in the world. It is a 50 50 chance. This may sound harsh but add the fish you want, but don't over stock. If he kills them, then you know.
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