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Old 03-29-2011, 10:02 PM   #11 
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Well really with any tank mate/shrimp it is a 50/50 chance. But a bigger size may deter him a bit, so you could get one of those larger shrimp. I think they are called amano shrimp?
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Shrimp smell like food.

Some crackidae (caracidae) tetra are a fairly safe bet with males. They swim more than twice as fast. Guppies of any sort are a no-no but have you considered a divider and a single female crowntail in about 2.5 gallons at the end with her own cave and a few plants?

Flaring and raging about excitedly tends to add lifespan to the boys and it seems to help my girls too, I'm thinking of setting up the 20l with 6 gal for a boy and the rest for the sorority.
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I had my male in a 10gal tank and he was very active at first, but then he got bored...I've read a few articles about how you have to change around their tank once in a while so they dont get so bored. I put a little tank with a divider in the middle from petsmart, and I put two females in it. So far my males been verrrry happy. Good Luck!
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When I got my new 10 gallon tank, I let it sit for 24 hours (with filter, heater, etc) before adding some newly bought ghost shrimp and my betta (Seņor) which was previously living in a 1 gallon bowl. All were doing well for a couple weeks. Seņor was getting along fine with the shrimp. They more or less left each other alone, though when they got in Seņor's business he would nip at them. Then all of a sudden a couple of days ago, 2 of them died for seemingly no reason. Perhaps they were old, because the other 3 seem to be doing fine.
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