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Breeding I need a yellow? (If so, help me choose;-), I just posted my new pearl male from Aquabid in the Betta picture section, and have been thinking a bit. Another member on here suggested a yellow to spawn with one of my whites because they recently have been sporting some red coloring. My beautiful white guy, Angel now looks like he's wearing a red cap, ha ha! Some more red is also showing up in his beautiful but if I want to get perfect whites, well....

And with the new guy, who knows if the same type of thing will happen. I figure, while I'm shipping my new Pearl male and a female sibling, I may as well get a yellow at the same time and just make more room for two extra fish (am picking up a pair from Karen later in April). Talk about being taken over by the fishes!

So, if I do need a yellow, I guess I'd better start looking before any of the transhippers shipping dates. Would like everyones opinion....I have a little bit of time, but as for the ones I'm seeing listed now....

Thoughts, opinions? I see some of the dorsal faults with the smaller beginning rays....but....would like everyones additional input:D

Thanks in advance!!!!
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Oh man, what beautiful fish!! I love yellows! "drool, drool"
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IF you get a yellow, the first male definatly by a mile. The second has a slight hump, and the second and third male have slightly uneven fins.

I beleieve you were asking a genetic question too, but sorry, all I can offer is which male to choose, I don't know much genetics about whites.
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I would not suggest mixing opaque to yellow. You might end up with a lot of cambodians.... I did. I think they are blue based so I suggest you mix with steel blue.....

Here's a copy from the article:
The genetic make up of a opaque white is represented by: C bl Si Nr Op [1].
C - The cambodian gene for lack of dark body pigment which causes the light body.
bl - Steel blue pigment which appears silvery-white when on a light background.
Si - The spread of the iridocyte pigment, in this case steel blue over the fish.
Nr - Non-red, causes the inability to produce red pigment.
Op - Opaque, the special gene that cause the powdery appearence of the fish.

I love the first fish......
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