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Building up information...

Hello everyone! I have a simply exquisite Halfmoon Doubletail that is white/silver/denim blue with silvery blue eyes. He's really a sight to behold. I'm toying with the idea of getting a female off AB and breeding him. There's no one around here that breeds nice Bettas and I would like to give people an opportunity to enjoy gorgeous fancy Bettas, not just sickly Veiltails like all the stores have. I'm going to have a 20 gal open within a few months and could use that for a breeding tank.

I've had Bettas for years and have 6 right now, most rescues from people who didn't want them. I'm setting a line and will not decide if I'm going to breed until a few months pass. I want what's best for my fish and any potential fry. They will be loved and not just product. I've asked on Facebook if anyone would possibly be interested so I get an idea how many homes I'll have. I'd also put together a care sheet for everyone adopting. Their health and well being is my number one concern.

I've been poking around the forum and was wondering if anyone could provide me with links to sites that could prepare me and help me decide if this is something I can handle? I know you guys are excellent and know which sites provide the best information. I was also wondering what cups you use when you separate the males. If I go through I'd like to have everything ahead of time so I can figure out what I'll do.

I would like to thank anyone who offers advise/constructive criticism/links in advance! I really appreciate it. I've never even bred a guppy, which is why I'm going very slow and learning all I can.

Cheers to you and your fish!
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Welcome, your fish sounds lovely! I'd love to see pictures! I'm such a big fan of hmdbts. The first step in breeding is doing research, then knowing what you're going to do with all the fry, so it's great that you're taking your time and thinking things through carefully.

I know that is a good resource for genetics and breeding info. I know there are others people recommend, but I don't know them off the top of my head. I'm sure others will point you in the right direction though.
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Welcome To is also a good site to get info from.
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Welcome to the forum.

You can also try these sites; (Mrvamp website)

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