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Question Don't know what else to try, calling all disease experts.

K, so as some people on here may know my betta Zeus has been really unwell lately.
I know he is definitely sick but the problem is I have no idea what he has and no one else I've asked seems to know.

He started to get sick at the start of the month and has gotten progressively worse.
When I first noticed he wasn't feeling great I took really good look at him and noticed a tiny hole in his dorsal fin and one in his cadual fin.
It looked like the starting stages of fin rot so I put him in QT and started an AQ salt treatment, it didn't seem to work which is the first time it has failed for me.
His fins namely his dorsal got worse really fast and was almost completely gone, he also had a small discolored white spot by his dorsal fin, not fuzzy or anything just white.

I was really worried about how rapid his fin loss was so I put him on Tetracycline, did the whole treatment but it didn't help him.
His fins got worse and the white kept spreading.

Next I tried a second AQ salt treatment this time at a really high dose and lower water temps, but it didn't help at all and he still got worse.
At this point the white was covering all of his body except for his head and his fins were mostly destroyed.

I talked to the owner of the fish store near me and she said she wasn't sure but thought it could be fungus so we put him on a treatment of API fungus cure, nothing it was a complete failure.

Right now he is on a combo of maracyn and maracyn 2 and I have seen a tiny bit of color return at the base of his tail but now the white seems to be spreading to his face.
He is on his second coarse of the marcyn combo.

I don't know what else to try, I don't really want to use anymore salt because I'm worried about hurting him.

Some one told me he could have a really bad case of ick but none of the other fish in the tank he was in have anything, and I really worry about the treatment making things worse if he doesn't have it.

I don't know what other treatments to try, I don't mind spending money on him but I feel really bad putting him through more treatments only to have them not work.

I've been told it would be kinder to put him down but he seems happy enough, he is eating an is quite active even with the lower temp his tank is at.
If he seemed to be suffering I would not keep him in pain but as long as he seems to be fighting this I'm going to do all I can to help him.

I will get photos of him tonight when I change his water, but for now does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to help him.
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I'm no expert, and the following is totally a guess. Is the white fuzzy? Does the tissue within the white look slimy or dead? Does it disrupt his scales? Or does it look like he's simply changing colour? (Ie. Could he be a marble betta?) If he's an older betta, please disregard this idea. Maybe photos would help.

The fin rot doesn't sound good, but if he's active and eating, that's a good sign. I've heard tell that many antibiotic treatments can deplete the water of oxygen. This, in turn, could be causing tissue necrosis (death). The fins are the most delicate tissues, and are most susceptible to necrosis. If you just completed two heavy salt treatments, I would be hesitant to perform another. I would complete this course of maracyn treatment. Then, lay off medications for a while, and focus on doing frequent water changes. You could also try something with tannins, like Indian Almond Leaf.
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Thanks for your reply!
As far as I can see the white is not fuzzy or anything just white.
However I don't think it is marbling as he came from a line of greens and none of them seem to carry the gene.

I think you may be on to something with the tissue necrosis, because it does kinda look like dead tissue.
However I don't know what caused it as he was starting to show signs of it before I did any treatments besides salt.

I ran out of time last night and didn't get any pics of him, But I'm switching him to an old 2 gallon tank I have because I feel bad keeping him in a Tupperware permanently and I don't think I will be putting him back in my divided tank anytime soon, so I will get some pics then.

I think I'm going to give him a few day off treatment and just keep doing 100% water changes.
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