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Originally Posted by Capricorn View Post
I agree on getting a sinking carnivore or an omnivore wafer, they do need more than algae wafers! Mine eat everything they come across on the bottom, I have bandit cories myself, they're still fairly small. They love to cuddle with each other too, it's super adorable.
I only give them sinking algae pellets, they eat frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp that make it to the bottom (and don't worry, I make sure I feed enough that a lot makes it to the bottom LOL) and they nibble on the live plants as well as their roots. They also LOVE blanched celery.
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I primarily feed my cories sinking shrimp pellets, but I change things up occasionally with sinking carnivore wafers and algae wafers, just for a little variety.
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Just thought I'd give you a small update.

The cories have settled in nicely. The pale guy is naturally more silver than the others. They're all eating well (got some of those pellets) One night I wanted to add variety so I tried flakes. Neon, even though when he was alone HATED flakes, couldn't stand the thought of other fish eating food he could have so he ate them. I then devised a system in which I grind up the flakes to a fine powder, stick in a container of water until they sink, and then use a turkey baster to put them on the bottom. I fed bloodworms and it was sooo cute! They sucked the worms up slowely. I wanna feed them again now lol.
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Congrats on your pygmy cories working out! My betta lives with a shoal of pygmies in a planted 10g and they get along fine. They're really cute little fish and not troublesome at all. :)
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