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It sounds to me like he might have had septicemia.
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Did you ever figure out the cause? What do you think it might have been? You said it came out of nowhere - which has me a bit paranoid now, too -
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For hippie:
Drop tank temp to 76 (can be raised to 78 after a week)
Increase aeration of tank.
Maintain 1/3 minimum tank salt dose for rest of Hip's life.
Reduce bottom rock/debris to quarter inch except at live plants.
Inspect your hands (fingernail quick and bed, knuckles) for small blisters.
Treat with gram negative antibiotic for 9 days (maracin-2, trisulfa, kanamycin).

Treat ANY other betta who may have come in contact with your tools and hands with a preventative measure such as Furan-2(jungle fungus cure) or appropriate long duration antibiotic.

Internal infections are most often anaerobic and high O2 levels in the water help the fish survive. Often we carry these infections in our fingernail edges or callouses on our hands, they can also come from our mouths and cat's paws. (cat scratch fever, look it up)
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thanks for your help guys. hippy has been acting completely normal for the last few days. im going to finish up with this round of salt treatment, and if it looks like his symptoms are returning, ill try your suggestions thunderloon. nothing personal but it seems like what im doing right now is working, so id rather not stress him out and possibly loose ground by switching things up mid cycle.
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