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Well, last Wednesday I did a 100% water change for Dumbo, my little blue VT, because I was leaving the next day for camping. Didn't get back until today! But wednesday morning, I noticed a few little tears at the end of Dumbo's fins, and I suspected tail biting. Well, a few hours after the water change the edges of the tears had turned slightly black, and I freaked out and recognized that it was fin rot. Well, his water was already as clean as it could be before I left, so I blew him a kiss and hoped for the best. Well, I got home to see him a few hours ago, and saw that the fin rot had progressed from just the tips of his caudal fin to halfway down his caudal fin. The edges are now red, and it looks like he has a few tears in his anal fin. My mom was almost in tears because she forgot to feed him one day, I promised her it would be okay. I did an extremely thorough 100% an hour ago, and Dumbo is now swimming very actively in his vase. I plan to try to do a 100% tomorrow, or a 90% partial if something comes up or I'm not allowed to. I can only do a partial tuesday, because I have to go to my dad's house very early in the morning and don't have time for a full 100%, plus it would wake up my mom. I don't have any AQ salt on me, just bettafix, melafix and ridich. I plan to try just good ole fashioned clean water though, see where that gets me. Here are a few pics! I'm sorry, but you know how it is... sometimes you just have to vent!
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oh no! poor dumbo! i really wish that i could help! :O
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That's okay! I'm pretty good, I know what to do with illnesses like this. I just havn't had to deal with a full blown out case before, so I'm nervous! Especially because I got this betta a few days after my favorite cat had to be put to sleep and i was really upset, and Dumbo made me feel happier because he was so cute and grumpy and beautiful. Well, I'll do my best with water changes, and I will pray that he heals okay.
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