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Does my betta have fin rot or is he biting his tail?

My halfmoon betta has very shredded fins. I thought it was fin rot and I am treating him with Maracyn 2. He used to be in a one gallon but I put him in a hospital tank that is 10 gallons. I put a barrier in there and put my other betta who has fin rot (slight fraying at the end of his tail) in there as well. I thought they both had fin rot. I hope they get better. I would appreciate any advice. Am I using the right medication for fin rot? I really can't tell if it is working or not. It is my third day using it.
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I cant tell from the pics but also be doing water changes to keep the water clean is always a good thing
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It's hard to tell from the pictures, it looks like the veiltail may have some minor fin rot, the halfmoon looks more like he bit his tail based on the unevenness of the damage, but it looks like a couple of the edges are a little white and "fluffy" which makes me think that he has some sort infection going on. If I was you I would keep the water super clean, daily partial water changes, add aquarium salt (1 tablespoon/5 gallons) treat with Vitachem (its the best but it can be hard to find anywhere except online) and feed them foods high in protein such as bloodworms and brine shrimp, it would also be a good idea to soak their food in garlic (either garlic guard or garlic juice with no preservatives) before you feed it to them, it will give a boost to their immune systems
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if it was fin rot, you would see a black edging on his fins. Other than that, I have no idea sorry!!!!
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the halfmoon is biting his tail. the meds won't do anything for that. the veil, on the other hand, has minor fin rot. for both, i'd just treat with aquarium salt, and clean water.
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