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Question Betta & Current?

Every time I add new water to his tank, Archimedes plays in the current. It's like he's taking a shower! This is the first fish that I have owned who does this. I thought bettas weren't supposed to like current. Does anyone else's betta do this?

On a related note, I noticed that Archimedes was holding his left pectoral fin close to his body last week. I think he injured it. Thankfully, it seemed to heal after a few days. Unfortunately, after changing his water today, the same fin appeared to be injured once more. I can't see any actual damage, but he isn't using it much, and it mostly stays tucked-in close to his body. I try to pour gently! I hope this isn't going to be a recurring theme...
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sven does that too. occasionally I seem him playing under his filter as well, makes me wonder if he'd like it if I took the baffle off, lol
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They don't like strong currents. It messes with their bubble nests :) They do like some current or air tubes bubbling, I believe, because then the water would be stagnant...but some fish may like that as well. They all have various preferences :D
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IME they HATE current... that is... long term.

I noticed that when I pour in water Neon rushes towards the current, too. Also he likes to go directly under his filter (where his baffle "reflects" the current) all the time. Yet, once his sponge was all messed up and there was no baffle, he was trying to hide and the poor guy was belly crawling all over his substrate searching for a spot under a plant.

About the fin thing, I remember asking about that once and being told it was a thing some Bettas do when stressed. When I had Velvet (R.I.P.) I dropped him when trying to transport him to clean water for the first time in weeks. He hid in the corner of his tank while holding one fin against his body. At first I thought he had injured it, but in a few minutes he used it regular again. Also, when transfering Neon to his old tank for a few hours when I redid his current tank, he also clamped his fin against his body.
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