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Why does this always happen to me?

At the moment I have nearly thirty fish, ranging from a pair of tiny betta rutilans to my three shubunkin goldfish. Everyone is healthy and I maintain a very strict water change regime to ensure the water parameters are always perfect.

My bettas (both Splendens and wilds) are all active, healthy and any damage to fins is usually gone within the week. Their diet is a mixture of frozen and live, and I have never had any issues with disease.

However, I seem to have this strange knack for killing off CTs.

My first male I posted about in the emergency board here. He became lethargic and lost the ability to properly balance himself in the water and subsequently would sit on the bottom of the tank. By this time his fins had melted, and I was forced to euthanize him a week or so after he got sick.

During this time, I had also purchased an imported pair from interstate. Within a month my maleís fins had melted, and he slowly developed a large tumor/cyst on his side. Eventually it must have affected something internally and he passed a few days ago. His water was always clean, 0 ammonia and nitrite and around 5-10ppm of nitrate. Our water isnít particularly hard, and I used to soften it with IAL and peat extract since I heard CTs can be more sensitive.

Oddly enough, in a completely different tank, his matched female also died. She had always been healthy, and the female in the other side of the tank shows no similar symptoms (she likes that she now has 20 gallons to patrol). Instead she bloated up, and even after fasting her, offering her daphnia and using Epsom salt to try and draw out something, she passed within the day. There was no pineconing, it simply looked as if she was constipated even though I had fasted her for two days, and given her only a pea and daphnia afterwards.

I now have a male CT I purchased from the LFS. He is in a heated 3.5 gallon tank, with IAL, a peat-based substrate, and a big clump of watersprite. Water tests show no ammonia or nitrite present, and low nitrates.

I got him on Sunday, and already his fins are showing signs of melting. If he passes I am not going to buy a CT again. Even the ones living in putrid jam jars had better fins than mine did. Which is a shame, because the CTs at the LFS have the best colours there.

I threw in a couple of pictures to show you how my males looked:

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