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Betta will only eat blood worms

I've only had him a little while, so maybe after he gets re-adjusted.... but I've tried every type of food me and my roommates have and the only thing he'll eat is dried blood worms... everything else he'll taste and then spit out. I've tried 2 different kinds of flakes, 2 different kind of pellets, brine shrimp and blood worms. Even with the blood worms he's super picky and will spit out 1 in 3.

I've heard it's really bad to feed them just one thing, but what if they'll only eat one thing?
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Canuck Fins
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When my guy was still getting settled in, he did spit out food while eating. Try sticking with one kind of food, feed and remove after a few minutes whatever isn't eaten. Give him time. It's frustrating I know, but our fishies can go a few days without eating without harm.

Just make sure you are feeding a good quality food. I switched from the flakes I got initially to pellets which have a much better ingredient list and the difference in Ninja was very visible. :)
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As Canuck Fins said good quality food is important. Try to get something where the first 2 ingredients are protein based and close to 50% protein overall. I had problems with Harley not eating too and occasionally spitting pellets out. I switched to a smaller micro pellet and now he eats them up no problem.
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Old 04-08-2011, 05:28 PM   #4 
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Do not feed him freeze dried blood worms every day in the future. It's only good as a treat. Frozen are better if you want to feed worms more often. I feed Hikari micro wafers and my boys love them! they are high in protein and small enough for them to comfortably eat and digest. 2 in the morning, 2 at night, one day no food and once every few days switch for worms or daphnia.
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Old 04-10-2011, 07:38 PM   #5 
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My 'Xel did that too when I first got him. Pixel would not eat ANYTHING except dried blood worms. He got incredibly bloated and developed SBD. Giving them blood worms every day (as you must have heard by now) makes them bloated.

Fast him for a few days, he'll be fine with fasting for a week. By the end of four days of fasting, my Pixel was gobling up normal betta pellets and his SBD was completely cured.
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Teach him who's boss and move the bloodworms out of his line of sight.

When he eats his pellet, then coo at him a bit and give him a bit of worm.
He'll figure out the rest.
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