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Question What's the best way to QT?

O.K. so we've (Harley the fish and I) have been fighting his fin rot problem for a while. What I'm doing isn't working so I'm going to plan B, which should have been plan A, if I had a functioning brain.

1) So what's the best way to build a QT area? Right now Harleys in his 10 gallon but I also have 2 x 1 gallon bowls. I thought I could use one of those but since they don't have a heater and won't float in the tank, we're probably not going with that option. Whats the best way to utilize the heater in my 10 gallon tank?

2) Can I just use an old (cleaned and de-labeled) 2 liter (roughly 0.5 gallon, I know it's pretty small) pop bottle (or a 1 gallon milk jug) and put it in the tank so I can use its heat or should I use something else like a tupperware container? Either way, how do I attach it/secure it so it doesn't float away or tip over? I'd rather not use something like duct tape to secure it as that will probably be a mess to clean later.

3) Once he's got rid of the fin rot, should I ditch the Java Fern that's in the 10 gallon, will it be contaminated?

4) Can I just use hot water on the substrate to clean it?

5) Should I throw out the sponge I have for the pump baffle?

6) Is there anything else I'm missing?

Thanks a lot. I almost think we need a sticky about QTs as lots of people are asked to use them but I'm guessing newbies like me aren't sure how to do it.
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You should be able to lower the water level in the 10 gallon and stick the 1 gallon inside it. That's what I did with my 5 gallon when my boy had fin rot, and after it was all better I didn't throw out sponges or plants and it's now a few weeks later and he is fine. :)
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I wouldnt chuck anything yet.

Do this ^ mehtod, its your best bet and also making dosing easier than in a .5 gallon.

Dont run the filter in the big tank, theres no sense, unless cycled.

If youve been doing with the AQ (1tsp-2tsp (if advanced) /gallon with 100% daily changes and a redose for each) and it isnt working still, consider a broad spectrum antibiotic.
Lower the tank temp to 76-77' and if you have one, add a bubbler/airrator to discourage bacterial growth. Also, lower the light level of the tank.
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