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Originally Posted by JD3P View Post
Okay so I started working on the tank earlier today before I got the last few responses. What I did was clean the sand really well (still not sure if I should just replace just takes hours to clean the stuff before hand and days to get the tank cloud free which is why I'd rather not change if it I don't have to. But if I must, I must.) I scrubbed down the inside with a sponge and took out the driftwood and plants. I literally cleaned every leaf on the live plants I had in the tank ran them under hot water. They are now soaking in a separate bowl for a few days. I also was able to remove all the splinters from the driftwood and will keep an eye on it. I only took the filter and put it through the tank water to rinse it off, and I already have carbon in the tank. I've had carbon now for about 3 months, just recently changed it. I guess I will change the filter out though. I'll add the aquarium salt and let it run through as well.

About the fin rot right now he is in a quarantine 3 gallon tank which I filled half way so he can get air easily. I put an air stone and a small heater. But it keeps raising the temp to 80-82 degrees so I've left it off and it's somewhere around 75. I have been using aquarium salt for the past few days...but his fin rot is severe. I'm really not sure he will live much longer if I don't find something for it. I tried maracyn but it didn't do anything. I guess it wouldn't hurt to give maracyn 2 a shot. Thanks for all the advice everyone.
Maracyn and maracyn 2 are both different medications. Maracyn two is minocycline and it treats gram negative bacteria.Maracyn is erythromycin and it treats gram positive. From what I have read online and from around the forums finrot is often gram negative. It is hard to tell which however and is why they are often used together. I have only used maracyn two though...It worked lovely for my old guy Cleo. A lot of people are against using medications..and I often am as well...I usually will try aquarium salt first...if it gets worse while doing the aquarium salt I will finish up the aquarium salt treatment and then start the medications.
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Okay so another question about the tank...since my live plants are all being soaked in another bowl for now (until I figure out what to do with them)...should I use the same medication for fin rot that I am treating my fish with? This is it
Also I have ornaments and some river rocks that used to be in the same tank before I changed to sand (Fish had fin rot back then also). I kept all that stuff...but now I'm concerned about using it again...It's been months though..not sure if being in the air will kill the bacteria or not. I'm still not sure what to do about the sand (clean or trash). I am going to recycle with a new filter cartridge though in the future.
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