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Somthing is wrong with Taj....

My betta Taj who I have had for about 2 weeks has something going on and I am stumped as to what.
A few days ago I noticed he was sitting at the bottom of his tank, he would swim up for air and then go back down. I was like, " Uh, oh". I've had bettas long enough to know this warning sign. I tested my water and everything read 0. So I decided to leave him for the night and see how he was doing in the am. The next morning he was the same except now all his fins were clamped together and they looked "dry" and brittle. Also, he kept sitting in the outflow of the filter which I thought was strange. I have a mini filter that bubbles and he was stitting right in the bubble stream. I pulled him out and put him in a QT cup and put him back in his tank. I added a teaspoon of AQ salt to a gallon jug and boiled some oak leaves and added some of the steaped water. This was yesterday morning. As of last night his fins are open and he is flaring at stuff. However they still have that "dry" look to them. I did a water change today and put him back in his cup. Other then looking dry his fins are fine, no deterioration or anything. Kismit who shares his tank (divided) hasn't shown any symptoms.
Taj is in a 2.5 gallon divided tank. It is heated & filtered, temp is 78. I do water changes 50% every two days. I use prime water conditioner.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be going on?

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Sounds like you are doing everything right. I am no expert on medical issues (I am having plenty myself right now)- do you see anything about his environment that might throw his off or stress him out? Is he from over seas and still adjusting to the water? Just some thoughts, I hope someone who knows more will chime in. Good luck and I hope he feels better :)
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