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Place to buy Bettas

Hi , i am new here and would like to know what is the best place to Buy a Betta (AquaBid, Petco, Petsmart,or Petland)

I would like to buy a Halfmoon perferabley.
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That depends on the quality you want and how much you want to spend. Most petsmarts do not carry halfmoons... in fact I don't think any carry halfmoons. Petco can have some nice fish on occasion but are kind of pricey IMO. You can get an excellent quality fish off aquabid for the same price as from petco (plus shipping of course). Sure it costs a little extra for shipping but you have the luxury of asking the seller about the fish and about it's background in most cases and you can know that the fish is probably being kept in very good conditions.

Hopdiggity has a good deal going on on Aquabid right now. All her fish are being offered with free priority shipping. They're thai imports but are already in the US so you escape transhipping charges.
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I think as far as pet stores go, it kind of depends on the individual stores. go in and check that the water looks clean and the fish look healthy, and if not, then leave. I've only seen veils and crowntails in petsmart
waiting for shipping is kind of a pain if you're as impatient as I am >_>
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I've been looking at Aquabid. I'm just a little nervous about having a fish shipped across country but, seems like alot people are using Aquabid with success.
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