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Basic Spawning Questions, Help?

Okay, so I have been researching Bettas and spawning for a few weeks now, and decided that I would LOVE to try and breed a pair this summer. Naturally I want to be a prepared as possible, so I would love it if some of you wit experience could take the time to answer my questions.

1) Hopefully this weekend or next I will get to pick out my breeding male/female. (Possibly both depending upon tank space.) I would like to avoid pricy overseas shipping costs for a pair, so I found a local tropical fish store with some nice looking stock. Is there anything I should ask the store owner about regarding the betta's lineage or prior location? age?

2) Once I have the pair, what all should I do to prepare them for breeding? I have about 6 weeks before school lets out to summer, is this enough time?

3) Is June-August enough time to get the juveniles big enough so that I can go to school and still have time to properly care for them?

4)Once the juveniles are old enough to be separated, what is the best way to find them new homes?

5)If my fish must be shipped, how is this done? I have heard that it requires a license to ship fish, is this true? If so, how do I acquire one?

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1.) I would just look at fish that have good finnage/rays as well as ones that are active and look healthy while still appearing to be young. You want them to be 3-5 months old when you spawn, although a bit older isn't bad.

2.) You'll need to have them in separate containers so they can't see each other or any other betta for that matter. Condition them on live food preferably but if you can't, then Frozen Brine Shrimp is best since its roughage and isn't pure protein like Blood Worms. You'll also want to do frequent water changes to induce spawning, this mimics the "Rainy Season", where new water is abundant.

3.) That should be fine, they'll be about 8 weeks old by then, and you'll probably have most separated. You'll still have to keep up on daily water changes though and frequent feeding. If you have a high number of males, this means daily water changes on each jar, this can take awhile if you have 20-50 males.

4.) I would research finding homes for them before you even start breeding. Aquabid is a good place if your spawning quality bettas, like HM or PK, but if not then I'd ask around to local petstores as well as family and friends. Don't breed unless you know you'll be able to find homes for them, why create life when its not going to live properly?

5.) You do not need a license to ship fish. It's quite easy actually, you'll just need a good sized box, bags, styrofoam and a heat pack. Someone made a thread about it on here somewhere, I'll see if I can find it.

Hopefully this helps some, good luck!
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Thank you so much! That really helped. (: Also, do you think I should try and breed like..HMxHM or PKxPK or could I get good results mixing?
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Here is a sticky that might be helpful. There are some links to several websites that have good info on breeding bettas.
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