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Neil D
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Originally Posted by Twilight Storm View Post
Hi, I am new to Betta fish, I found this site looking for help with my mom's fish so at the moment I only have one.

I named him Twilight Storm. He's a young doubletail male. I am not sure what his color would be called but he is Grey with a redish-rust colored head, If I shine a flashlight on him he has a gold sheen on the outer parts of his fins and small black dot markings. (beautiful to me, although my friends and family are wondering why I didn't get a "colorful" fish. As soon as I can get someone with a good digital camera I will get a pic of him up as my avatar)

The second day I had him I was giving him his pellets kind of slowly and the little guy jumped out of the water and latched onto my finger for a second lol! Between his color and his piranah moment, (lol) I came up with the name. :)
You may want to make sure the sheen isn't velvet, a dangerous fish disease. Ask about it in the Betta Care or Emergency forum thing. You can only really see it with a flashlight. I'm not sure though, but better safe than sorry.
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Arashi Takamine
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Well here's a funny story about when I got my new girl.

I was in Wal-Mart looking at the betta's and I spot her. Stress striped, with the most beautiful blue and rest in her tail. I picked up her cup and she swam about. I looked around more even complained to some employee's about the care of them and finally just kept going back to her. I had the song Resonence playing in my head and I kept thinking: "She's a Maka alright..." I had her name picked for her already. Maka just seemed to call to me and I knew we made our connection. My mom was a little surprised I chose a name like Maka but she said it fit her. Then..Her nickname came. Because she's such a baka (fool or idiot in Japanese) We call her Maka The Baka. I know she's got a brain in there somewhere.

But for now...She's a little baka.
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Mine were initially named by my 6 yr old daughter but she kept changing her mind so finally I decided to name them all after 80s hair bands or a member of an 80s band. Lol. The only 2 that aren't are cortencia and Danny edge. Danny was a hand member in a local Boston band called kings of nuthin .... cortencia my child insisted upon.
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New Member
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I named mine Elvis before I even bought him. As soon as I saw his picture on AB, I thought his Dorsal fin looked like Elvis's hair. lol
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I have 4 boys, but I'll tell the story of the one that died last year and the one I've had for a while.

Goomba: Got him, didn't have a name. Was hanging with my friend, we had had a few drinks and were playing Mario Kart on the Wii. I hit a goomba on the track and yelled GOOMBA! She laughed and then was like "OMG name your fish that!" And it stuck. Sadly, he passed away last fall.

Cheep-Cheep: Got him not long after I got Goomba. I brought him home and was thinking of a name for him. Wanted to keep with the Mario Bros theme, people were suggesting Koopa or Bowser, but then I remember the flying fishes are called cheep-cheeps. So I named him that. He has been with me for over a year now, and quite the boy.

I love reading these stories! Keep them coming.
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Amaya Yuy
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Well lets see I currently have 3 boys and 1 girl.

My girl- Hotaru, is a pretty purple thing and I'll be setting up a sorority soon so I decided I'd name all the girls after Sailor Moon characters =]. Hotaru is Sailor Saturn

My boys:
Liam: I was posting pics of him and was like man I got to name him. Liam popped into my head and it stuck lol

Apollo: He reminded me of the sky so I chose Apollo

Helios: He reminded me of the sun so I chose Helios =]

I've only named one other fish and that is one little guy I call pinkie (I got it from pinkie and the brain =]. He lives with Apollo (who I call brain))
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