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Cories, while not as sensitive as ottos, are more delicate than bettas, so I definitely would try to find some locally rather than putting them through the stress of shipping.

Standard gravel can damage their barbel organs. I use a very fine gravel; sand is also highly recommended for them.
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Looks like I'll be switcing out the gravel. How fun...
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trono, in my honest opinion, bettas are like the school's bullies. They will either ignore the little kids, or push them around day and night. For the most part, having tank mates is a hit or miss sort of thing. One day your betta may be fine with tank mates, the next he might be feeling grouchy and decide to harass them. I would suggest adding more to your tank, put more decorations in, maybe plant it with a lot of plants so he can explore, etc. :) What you may think is him being lonely, might just be him wanting to explore.
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I have otos, and while they are sensitive and tend to die from stress when you first introduce them, if you can get them to last 3 months then they can last quite a while. I've had my otos for maybe five or six months now, and they're doing great. They eat algae wafers with no problem at all, although those are really messy.
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