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I think he hurt himself by flaring?

I posted earlier that I was afraid one of my guys would hurt himself because he is obsessed with flaring. I took him out of the divided tank because he seriously was going NUTS..flaring at his tank mate & at the aquarium bottom. I removed divider & his tank mate in hopes that would stop him. Nope. The just started attacking the bottom more. So I turned off the lights in the room & went to buy gravel to cover the bottom. Came back 3 hours later. He was acting strange...hanging out nose down, staring at the bottom when I turned the light on. When he would come up for air, he would kind of turn on his side like staying straight was too difficult.

Water is fine. Temp is 79. He ate 2 pellets this morning.

I am unsure of what could have happened to him. Any ideas? Could he have injured himself? There are no physical signs of harm but he isn't right. I took him out of that tank just to calm him down from the constant attack of the bottom until the gravel can be cleaned properly. He is in a 1 gal now, same water, same temp but he's trying to see any other fish like he's patroling/flaring.

Sorry for the long post, trying to give as much detail as possible.
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I've never heard of a Betta hurting themselves from flaring but maybe its possible. It may be some sort of stress but its hard to say why. Try covering the bowl in a dark colored towel on the sides and bottom. Maybe that will help calm him down. I would also be doing daily 100% water changes (and conditioner) daily in the bowl.

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Thanks...this was days ago though. He is fine. He was just a nutty flaring fool. He was swimming strangely for a bit after but he's good now. :)
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