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Video, sorority! happy place

Lost my sherbert today but I'm sharing a video of my "rescued" sorority, six of the betta in the video survived the nasty bacteria. All the normal fish did too.

Sheen is largest blue, Cherries largest red.
Little excited purple one is named Orchid.

Tiger-tail (male guppy), tiger-spot (female guppy) passed since the video. I've moved cheeta-spot (female guppy) to the crack-a-day tank and she's happy with an endler colored big fin fancy boy guarding her from the evil and terrifying neons. Bubbles is in that tank too to keep the caracidae in line.

This tank is driven by a C-220 canister filter with pondmaster pre-filter sponge and then a pair of Bio-Pro-30 (making bio-pro-60) on the back end for return to tank. Total water is fourteen gallons. I'm looking at adding an additional sealed refugium to the system to bring it to eighteen gallons closed loop with just ten in the display tank.

Left side is fine crushed black fluorite, right is walmart special un-painted.
The girls constantly un-bury my aponogoten bulbs, you can see the little Anubias on the left are growing nicely but the java ferns left rear are being a pain. They grow fine with their root masses in mud but don't seem to like rocks at all!

At the dividing line of the two rocks I've got an aquatic onion which may be responsible for the harassment of the java ferns but I'm thinking there is a substrate problem with the black fluorite. Both sides are one inch.

Behavior is "agitated" shortly after I removed Flop from the 4-way. I've added a corner box Tom's with nano rings and cut blue rite-size to replace the airstone that kept floating up. The bio-wheels do a maaaasive amount of aeration exchange to the system. I have to rock the C-220 twice a day or sudden bumps can create too large an air pocket.

I went with the C-220 based on Marineland's customer service record, and it already paid off. The impeller was replaced third week I had it. No problems since!
I'm using:
4 [bag space]
4 [marineland ceramic rings]
3 [nano rings]
3 [bio-max slugs]
2 [fluval clay hex-rings]
2 [fluval clay hex-rings]
1 [marineland black pre-sponge]
1 [marineland bio-balls]

In the C-220 and its been heavenly, remember I'm pre-filtering with a pondmaster on the intake. Total effective throughput seems to be about 170gph. Effective maximum filtration is 45 gallons at full load. Currently at about 200% "inch limit" but carbonate and nitrate are stable. I expect about seven inches to expire in the next month or so from old age.

Please don't jump up and run to make a sorority, they are full blown aquaria WITH fish that can easily be hostile to each other. Not a beginner's thing unless you like lots of work and very fast learning.
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