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Is there harm in doing this?

so heres what im thinking, to help the pick up the filtration process... and keep a bit cleaner water....

normaly for a 5gal tank ud get a filter rated for a 5gal tank, would there be any hard in adding a next step up filter, one that would norm be rated for a 10g? ... it would move more water and in theory would clean twice as much water... i know the out put would be stronger, however that is why we baffle things correct? and id put sponge in the intake tube to help prevent any fishy suckage...

i was thinking of my next tank one of those Fluval U1's which usually rated for up to 15gal... but was thinking that it has to be submerged in water; and with planned live plants might not be good idea; so i was thinking of maybe getting a a Marineland BioWheel style filter system to hang on the back of the tank rated for a slight bit higher tank...

thoughts suggestions?
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Some people do that and there's no harm in it, and you got the right idea, just make sure to have a way to control the water flow
I personally have the Marineland Penguin 100b bio-wheel. It's rated for up to 20 gallons and I'm using it for my 10 gal.
The water flow is pretty strong so just find a way to baffle it. I've tried the plastic bottle method and it work wonders,
but I've switched to using a sponge to baffle it and its perfect! Also I'm hoping that it'll become another place for beneficial bacteria to grow on

Hoped that help you somewhat
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You can use a higher rated filter on any tank as long as the flow is suitable for the species of fish you are keeping. I over-filter my goldfish tank because of their oxygen requirements and the amount of beneficial bacteria I need to colonise.

I had a Fluval U1 in a 5 gallon tank and had no problems with it. The only thing you have to watch is the flow tends to slow right down if it's baffled, and the impeller gets blocked quite easily. Personally, I found the Fluval 1 Plus better, but I believe they've been discontinued.

Also plants like a bit of flow, it circulates nutrients through the water column, and stops detritus building up on the leaves.
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Well, might I offer another angle/view/reality...So, when is a 5 gallon or a 10 gallon not really a 5 gallon or 10 gallon?...or any size tank for that matter..When you start adding mass (substrate, decorations, plants, etc.). Your volume inside the tank will start decreasing. So, using the outside dimensions and then the inside dimensions and after adding substrate, decorations, etc. my final calculation on my 10 gallon is at slightly above 7.4. My 10 gallon is not really...10 is slightly above 7.4. For this reason (I have only 1 fish in the non-live-planted tank), I am able to use a Marina i25 internal filter that is rated up to and including a tank size of 6.6. So, with this information in mind you probably will have to baffle the filter...But, you will definantly move some significant volume of water.
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I just got a Tetra Whisper 10i internal filter and it also has a decent flow to it but i haven't tried to baffled it yet. You really don't need to worry about the plants as long as theres about an inch space from the filter. IMO if the filter is truly doing its job, the water should be sufficiently clean with a filter designed for the size of tanks it's in.
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