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Update: I bought a 75 watt heater for the tank today and increased the heat to 26 degrees C, also added aquarium salt (12 scoops for 15 gallons) and added additional filter media to the filter. So this is the summary: it's now a 15 gallon tank heated to 26 degrees C with a 40 gallon HOB filter that has three female bettas, one honey gourami and three cory cats. Water parameters above. Did I do everything right?
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Did you use epsom salt or aquarium salt? Corys can't handle aquarium salt, so they'll need to be moved.
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Moved the corys to a ten gallon for now, and I used aquarium salt.
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I would QT all the symptomatic females and treat with Epsom salt 2tsp/gal along with 100% daily water changes for 10 days......maintain a water temp in the 76-77F range for treatment....although java fern are salt tolerant plants-you need to be careful treating the tank with aquarium salt with live plants...most are sensitive.....good that you got the corydoras out....

On the strips-disregard the safe, ideal, harmful...etc.....any color on ammonia or not safe....and water changes need to be made......
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Alright, so this is what I did.

I treated the whole tank with aquarium salt. Then I read about the cory cats about 10 minutes after treating and removed them all to a 10 gallon sand bottom tank I hve five albino cory cats in. So there are eight corys in that tank, which will be temporary as that is too many; I will be putting the three back in the "infected" tank when they can be put in.

Then I took all the plants out and floated them in the top of my 5 gallon betta tank and the 10 gallon, removed all the betta fish and the gourami, put them in a large bucket with the treated tank water, a hollow log and a few fake plants to hide in.

Then I did a 100% water change in the tank, replanted the live plants, turned on the new heater and the filter. I added Cycle and conditioner to the new water, and two teaspoons of salt just for disinfectant (I'm pretty sure the plants can handle that much, and if not, I can always buy more plants).

This morning I emptied about 30% of the water in the bucket and re-added fresh, as well as two more scoops of salt (the bucket holds probably about 7 or 8 gallons of water).

No one else has died yet and the one with the fat tummy is actually starting to look closer to normal now.

How am I doing?

Oh, and the nitrite had no color at all but the ammonia did (0.1), should I just change my water more often in the future to keep the ammonia down? How much is too much? Apparently over-changing caused the bacteria bloom in the tank.
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