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Old 04-26-2011, 10:01 AM   #1 
Neil D
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I wanted to create a thread on which people can share funny stories about their betta(s) and share their fish's personalities.

I'll go first:

My betta Josh is a sensitive fish...usually.
He used to pick on the cardinals in his tank, then stopped, then they started to pick on him! And he always swims right in the front of the tank, and patrols all around. Its quite funny. He also bites! Once, he was sleeping in his plant, all curled up in a ball. It was very cute. He also begs. He'll go up tp the hatch where I drop food in and stare at it. Then he'll turn to me, then back to the hatch. I have a sensitive, spazzy, guarding, biting, funny betta fish.
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Old 04-26-2011, 10:25 AM   #2 
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Haha Josh sounds so cute! :)

Goose is a spazz! He is so crazy its amazing. He swims CONSTANTLY. I dont think ive ever seen him relax. Every night when i turn on the light in his tank he goes crazy flaring at himself. IM BIG SCURY GUYY!! he says Lol. He is also a begger and whenever he sees me he goes to the opening and swims right under it looking up.

Dory I just got yesterday but so far she has A LOT of spunk and man is she FAST holy crap! She zooms like mad. Teasing Goose all the time, blowing bubbles! I'll update on her personality as I get to know her ;)
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Neil D
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Haha! Josh is in my avatar. He is awesome, dory and goose sound hilarious. Although, too much flaring can be stressful. It's excersise for them. Just like if someone runs on a treadmill for an entire day, it's painful/stressful. If it's bright in the tank and dark outside, the glass becomes a one way mirror. Bit you seem to have awesome bettas.
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Ralis - My new boy. Even though I've had him only a day I can tell he's a bit of a worry wort. He gets stressed so easily. Lights, the cat, his reflection - they all send him into a panic attack. When things are cool and dark and calm, he sometimes comes out to say 'blurp' with bubbles.

Ruto - My girl! She's a feisty little horn dog this one. Adventurous to a fault, she jumped and got into her male companion's side of the tank to get it on. She has the cutest face though and she is slowly learning Jabu-Jabu's kissy trick.

Jabu-Jabu - My first and favorite boy. He's definitely a lady's man. He does his little wiggle dance for Ruto every time he sees her. He also comes to the glass when I come near and 'kisses' me while I kiss the glass. He's also a very busy boy.. always looking for something.


I've become so addicted to these fish BECAUSE of their personalities. It's amazed me how taking proper care of a fish could yield so much reward.
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