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Betta In a Quart Jar?


I went to the pet store the other day and saw these bettas in a quart jar. I wanted to purchase one but I have a really small apartment (not enought to put another tank). Do you think I could keep one of these guys in a small quart jar that they sell at a pet store where I would empty out the water every other day and fill it up?

Do you think I could put one in a quart jar? The har has a cover but with opened slots where the betta could get air. It also has a small Zeo-lite to absorb ammonia and nitrite. It also has a little hole in the bottom that would let water out if the things is turned. I was thinking of taking out some of the water every other day. I was just thinking about the space the betta will swim. Do you think a betta would be appropriate in a quart jar?
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anything less than 2 gallons is not recommended... in fact, most people here are going to recommend at least 5 gallons. even though the fish are housed in these small quarters at the store, it's really not the best environment for them.
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Personally I think this is cruel. I do, like was just mentioned suggest at lest 5g. Unfortunately poet stores do not keep fish in good conditions all the time but they get away with it because the fish isn't usually there for a long time and so survives. However many fail to tell us that you can't keep them like that for the rest of their llives.
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...they certainly can survive in a quart jar...but it's like you living in an elevator...

A 5 gallon planted and heated tank is definatley the best...
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