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First Spawn

Ok I have a few questions..ok I have a hundred questions but i'll ask the most pressing
What Is the "typical" amount of viable eggs you get from a spawning I dont have special bettas just common pet store ones i know you can get anywhere from ten to 100 eggs but what is the most likely number

how do you tell if there good eggs? when will i know they should be culled? what do i look for? how to you cull them humanily?

when are you able to tell male from female? How long can the babies stay together untill I have to jar the males? the females can all stay together in the grow out right? What sorta jars do you put them in? would mason jars work? ( with air holes obviously )

Basicly tell me everything
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I can answer a few of these questions. lol I'll let the breeders answer the rest. If the eggs are good then the male should be tending them. I think you pretty much start jarring them once they start becoming aggressive with each other.
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Bad eggs wont hatch

Knowing what makes up a good betta will allow you to know when you get a bad one. When to cull is up to you. I wait at least 8 weeks to cull but try to wait as long as I possibly can so I can make the best decision.

Its up to you how you cull. I cull my small fry by feeding them to my adult bettas. Luckily I haven't had to do much culling so far except for one deformed fish and some very young fry when I had personal issues and couldn't take care of them. For the fry that are too big to be eaten I euthaize using clove oil. If you have a large fish such as an oscar you can feed healthy fry to it. Any other method for culling is acceptable. You'll have to research culling methods yourself to choose what's best for you.

Males will begin to show aggression and will then need to be jarred. Overall shape of the fish will usually tell you the difference between male and female if your familiar with the structure of the fish. Females can usually be kept in sorority until sale but you may get some that are overly aggressive.
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It's going to be quiet some time before I even get started I want to breed my blue dragon male but his fins are still not in the best shape ( stupid pet store) and I have to search for a pk dragon female I like and since I'm not overly fond of PK to begin with that will also take time...what type of jar is typical I was thinking mason jars easy to come by and still fairly big
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this is the boy i wanna breed ..obviously he isnt ready i have no idea what he is supposed to be the store didnt even have him labeled i assume just by body shape he isnt a PK
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