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Old 04-28-2011, 01:52 AM   #1 
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some kind of odd behavior, not sure if its a problem

so i have 2 bettas, a male and a female. i got the male first and the female just last weekend. so first, lets talk about the boy:
before i got my female, he was really sweet, never flared, was active but not hyper or anything. the day i got my female was the first time i really saw him in an all out flare. he just seems more aggressive than he ever was before, which is especially odd because i had originally put their tanks right next to each other, but moved it after it seems liked he was stressing too much. lately (since i got her) even thought doesnt really see her at all, he has been way more hyper than he had been before. and i also noticed he has a way bigger appetite than he did before too. he used to eat about 4 or 5 pellets and be done, but now i have to cut him off because he wont stop, and he practically attacks his food. now, the day i got her was also the first day i did a big water change on his tank, and it messed up his bubble nest. he hasnt built a new one, and its been nearly a week (this honestly concerns me more than anything, really, because it was one of the first things he did when i got him) could he be upset because i destroyed his bubble nest, and is their a way i can clean his tank without harming any future nests? and is this hyper behavior normal while he adjusts to having another betta around?

now the girl. she doesnt really have that many issues, shes a good baby :) but i am concerned about her eating habits. she wont eat any of the food i have, except for freezedried bloodworms. (i have pellets and flakes, but no one likes the flakes lol) i definitely dont mind feeding them to her, but i read something about it not being good for them to eat everyday, but just as a weekly treat. so, doi have to buy more varied food to get her to eat something else, or are the worms okay? and if i should get more, what fo you recommend i start with, so i dont end up buying a ton more food my fishies will never eat? (im not sure if it matters, but she is a baby still. and i just recently gave her pellets for the first time, but she just spit them out, even after i soaked them for a while for her.) thanks for your time!
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Arashi Takamine
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First: My CT male Akira acts the same way. He spent an entire day staring at Maka as if he never saw a female before. When I did a waterchange I put their cups next to each other and he puffed up showed off everything he was doing to attract her. He even does this behavior for me sometimes. I also did a big waterchange that messed up his nest...I think he's working on a new one though. He might just be excited or weirded out knowing that there's another fish. Give him a chance.

As for your girl she probably has either a small mouth or is a very picky eater. Trust me my boy will sit there if I don't add flakes or give him extra pellets but my girl? Flakes are beneathe her. You may even want to try frozen instead of freeze dried or maybe live brine shrimp? Try giving her a few days though. My girl refused to eat until I got New Life Spectrum Small Fish formula and she loves it.
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My filter stops my betta from making bubble nests and he like flares at least 5 times a day but now hes getting used to it and stops flaring
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Canuck Fins
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With your male....These fish are little piggies and will keep eating and eating so don't feel bad about stopping feeding and your fish still looking like he wants more. 2 to 3 pellets twice a day and fast one day a week is good. Bloodworms are a once a week treat. (If flakes are the potato chip of the fish food world, bloodworms are the steak.) My fish had a bubble nest but hasn't made a second one; he likes to blow random bubbles all over instead of together. It's not a big deal I don't think.

Your girl...She might still be settling in. I wouldn't give her bloodworms until she starts eating pellets. Arashi is right that you might have to try a different kind. I use Topfin which are pretty small. What kind of pellet did you try with her? Keep trying twice a day. She will eat. These fish can go a long time without eating.

Good luck!
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Location: vallejo, california
thank you guys :) i know they are little piggies lol, it just worried me because before i got her he wasnt like thqat, he would actually swim away after he was done eating 5 or 6 of them... not anymore lol. and yea i was thinking it would have been her mouth... but she did put one in her mouth before she spit it out, and i accidentally put a whole bloodworm in their and she ate it with no problem... i think i will just get her different food then, hopefully i can find something she likes :) thanks again you guys :D
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